Vores Børnehjem - Thais hader matematik 9:9

Ulla Søe, Denmark, 2022

9 min.Series (documentary)

Tobias, Lærke and Thais cannot live with their parents. Together with 15 other children they live at the orphanage Skovgården. Nothing is normal when children are affected by the worst, but a lot in these children's lives is still similar to other children: They brush their teeth in the morning, go to school and have to do their homework. They look forward to birthdays, candy and iPad time, and they think it's nice when their favorite social educators put them to bed.
However, life is also very difficult because they miss their parents and deeply wish things were quite different.
In the series, we follow the orphanage children through a year and experience from the children’s perspective how it is to live in a place like Skovgården.
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Original title Vores Børnehjem - Thais hader matematik 9:9
Danish title Vores Børnehjem - Thais hader matematik 9:9
Other titles Vores Børnehjem - 9:9
Part of Vores Børnehjem (Oversigt)
Keywords Orphanages, Child care, Children, School attendence, Pupils, 2020-2030
Director Ulla Søe
Producer Mette Mailand
Director of Photography Simon Dixgaard, Andreas Bønding
Editor Yrsa Wedel, Thomas Ravn
Composer Martin Brygmann
Production country Denmark
Online release 25.02.2022, Filmcentralen
Danish rating Allowed for all
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Production company Plus Pictures
With support from Det Danske Filminstitut, Egmont Fonden


Direction Ulla Søe


Producer Mette Mailand
DR editor Niels Lindberg
Post-producton coordinator Jacob Utzon


Cinematographer Simon Dixgaard
Cinematographer Andreas Bønding
First assistant camera Lis Dyre


Editor Yrsa Wedel
Editor Thomas Ravn


Composer Martin Brygmann
Arranged by Anders Øhrstrøm


Voiceover Anders Mailand Hausted

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