The Dreamer - 1:6

Jeanette Nordahl, Denmark, 2022

Series (fiction)

Karen Blixen returns home discouraged from Kenya. Destitute and uneducated, she moves into her childhood home Rungstedlund and lives at the mercy of her family. She wishes to be independent of her family and begins exploring her ambitious dreams of becoming a writer.
Basic information Credits
Original title Drømmeren - 1:6
Danish title Drømmeren - 1:6
Part of The Dreamer
Director Jeanette Nordahl
Screenplay Dunja Gry Jensen, Per Daumiller
Producer Karoline Leth, Marie Louise Gade, Charlotte Hjordt
Director of Photography Aske Alexander Foss
Editor Nicolaj Monberg, Rasmus Gitz-Johansen
Composer Martin Juel Dirkov, Yves Gourmeur
Production designer Nikolaj Danielsen
Casting Djamila Hansen
Appearance Connie Nielsen, Hanne Uldal, Joachim Fjelstrup, Lene Maria Christensen
Production country Denmark
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Production company Zentropa
With support from Public Service Puljen, Nordisk Film & TV Fond, European Union, Wallimage, Belgian Tax Shelter
In collaboration with Belga Productions, Stage 5 Films


Direction Jeanette Nordahl
Casting Djamila Hansen


Screenplay Dunja Gry Jensen
Screenplay Per Daumiller
Idea Connie Nielsen
Idea Karoline Leth


Producer Karoline Leth
Producer Marie Louise Gade
Producer Charlotte Hjordt
Executive producer Marlene Billie Andreasen
Executive producer Camilla Rydbacken
Executive producer Filippa Wallestam
Executive producer Connie Nielsen
Executive producer Charlotte Hjordt


Cinematographer Aske Alexander Foss


Editor Nicolaj Monberg
Editor Rasmus Gitz-Johansen


Composer Martin Juel Dirkov
Composer Yves Gourmeur

Production design

Production designer Nikolaj Danielsen


Costume designer Catherine Marchand


Makeup designer Soile Ludjoi


Appearance Connie Nielsen
Appearance Hanne Uldal
Appearance Joachim Fjelstrup
Appearance Lene Maria Christensen
Appearance Lars Mikkelsen
Appearance Solbjørg Højfeldt

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