Things you think

Karsten Kiilerich, Denmark, 2012

Series (fiction)Children's films, Animation

"A small film about friendship" is an animated short about - well - friendship. The film is based on a documentary soundtrack of interviews from different parts of Denmark with children of varied social backgrounds. The kids reflections on the subject friendship is taking us from happiness to pain. It is showing us the importance of establishing good social relations and exposing the pain when you fail to do just that.
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Original title Tankebobler (Oversigt)
Danish title Tankebobler (Oversigt)
Other titles En lille film om venskab, Drømmeland, et sted hvor alt kan ske, Hvad er et liv for noget?, Når man bliver gammel
Included titles Things you Think - What do think of your dreams?
Things you Think - What do you think about friendship?
Things you Think - What do you think about the meaning of Life?
Things you Think - What do you think about being old and Young?
Keywords Children, Living conditions, Families, Friendship
Director Karsten Kiilerich
Producer Anders Mastrup, Jana Boel, Kristel Toldsepp
Editor Hans Perk
Composer Tõnu Raadik
Production designer Liis Roden
Production country Denmark
Dialogue language Danish
DFI subsidy Konsulentstøtte
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Production company A. Film
With support from Det Danske Filminstitut
In collaboration with A. Film Estonia, Studio Rakete, West Deutsche Rundfunk


Direction Karsten Kiilerich
Director: animation Meelis Arulepp
Interviews Karsten Kiilerich
Interviews Sarah Talreja Brandt


Storyboard Anders Sørensen


Producer Anders Mastrup
Producer Jana Boel
Producer Kristel Toldsepp
Production manager Sarah Talreja Brandt
Production manager Viola Lütten
Production manager Anders Mastrup


Editor Hans Perk


Composer Tõnu Raadik

Production design

Production designer Liis Roden

Visual effects

Compositing Timo Kannisto

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