All About Anna

Jessica Nilsson, Denmark, 2005

91 min.DK/FeaturePorno films

Anna is a modern, independent single girl, focused on her job and wary of getting caught in romantic relationships. Her life is all about fun. Strangers without strings. No commitment, no casualties. She has just found a new apartment, and is tempted to let her latest boyfriend, Frank, move in with her. Instead, she finds a tenant: The flamboyant, fun-loving Camilla, who shares Anna's views on love and commitment. But then an old boyfriend happens to knock on her door: Johan, the very man who five years previously broke Anna's heart. Anna is tempted. It's not good. More than ever, she needs to get back on the merry-go-round and move on. Fortunately, she receives an offer to design costumes for a theatre in Paris. As far away from romantic temptation as possible - right?
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Original title All About Anna
Danish title All About Anna
Director Jessica Nilsson
Screenplay Anya Aims, Loretta Fabiana
Producer Marcella L. Dichmann
Director of Photography Claus Lykke
Editor Martin Bernfeld, Jessica Nilsson
Sound Peter Munch Godtfredsen, Nikolaj Holmgren
Composer M. Maurice Hawkesworth
Production designer Tobias Tømming
Casting Nicolas Barbano, Marcella L. Dichmann
Appearance Gry Bay, Mark Stevens, Eileen Daly, Thomas Raft
Production country Denmark
Production company Zentropa Productions, Innocent Pictures
International sales
Technical info color
Danish rating Allowed for children over the age of 15
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Production company Zentropa Productions, Innocent Pictures


Direction Jessica Nilsson
Assistant director Jakob Drost Holm
Assistant director Helle Koldsø
Casting Nicolas Barbano
Casting Marcella L. Dichmann


Script Anya Aims
Script Loretta Fabiana


Executive producer Nicolas Barbano
Executive producer Peter Aalbæk Jensen
Executive producer Claus Sørensen
Producer Marcella L. Dichmann
Co-producer Thomas Stegler
Production coordinator Lars Kuno
Production assistant Flemming Heigren
Production assistant Ole Drost


Director of Photography Claus Lykke
Cinematographer Nicolas Barbano
Cinematographer Martin Gibskov Bruun
Cinematographer Mikael Kern
Clapper/loader Malene Iversen
First assistant camera Lars Piester


Stills Nicolas Barbano
Stills Marie Joensen

Electrical dept.

Gaffer Jonathan Rasmussen
Assistant lighting technician Emil Hansen
Assistant lighting technician Jakob Blomkvist


Editor Martin Bernfeld
Editor Jessica Nilsson
Assistant editor Martin Gibskov Bruun


Music M. Maurice Hawkesworth

Production design

Production designer Tobias Tømming
Set dresser Jakob Larsen
Assistant set dresser Flemming Sletten


Costume on set Mette Meinicke
Costume designer: Miss Olsen's costume Charlotte Post


Makeup artist Mia Bidstrup
Makeup assistant Martin Kisbye Danae
Makeup assistant Sarah Bergsaker
Makeup assistant Line Sofie T. Simonsen
Hairdresser Iben Wettlaufer


Sound engineer Peter Munch Godtfredsen
Sound engineer Nikolaj Holmgren
Sound: post production Fredrik Ousback


Anna Gry Bay
Johan Mark Stevens
Camilla Eileen Daly
Frank Thomas Raft
Sophie Ovidie
Pierre Morten Schelbech
Albert Thomas Lundy
Miss Olsen Seimi Nørregaard
Removal Man Thomas Stegler

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