The army of the Unemployed

75 min.DK/Documentary

Denmark in the 70's. The unemployed forming the queue and hanging about on street corners and in parks. From school straight on the dole all the while the Government buys fighter planes and factory owners move their enterprises abroad. A few of the unemployed try desperately to sell themselves, tout combs, polish cars and shoes; but those of the army can and will, no more nonsense, action now!
Basic information Credits
Original title Arbejdsløshedshæren
Danish title Arbejdsløshedshæren
Keywords Umemployment, Denmark, 1970-1979
Director Peter Kleis, Anders Myhr, Svend Erik Holst Jensen
Director of Photography Peter Kleis, Anders Myhr, Svend Erik Holst Jensen
Editor Svend Erik Holst Jensen
Sound Lars Becker-Larsen, Claus Bagger
Production country Denmark
Domestic distribution Statens Filmcentral
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Production company Hornsherred Film, Workshoppen
Domestic distribution Statens Filmcentral


Direction Peter Kleis
Direction Anders Myhr
Direction Svend Erik Holst Jensen


Cinematography Peter Kleis
Cinematography Anders Myhr
Cinematography Svend Erik Holst Jensen


Editing Svend Erik Holst Jensen


Sound Lars Becker-Larsen
Sound Claus Bagger

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