Lars Becker-Larsen

(1957 – )

Director, born 1957. Lars Becker-Larsen has directed numerous popular-science documentaries. He made his debut as a director with "Atomic Physics and Reality" (1985), his first in a series of films on quantum physics. "The Copenhagen Interpretation" (2004), about Niels Bohr and Albert Einstein's dispute over the quantum world, won several awards at international festivals. The new cosmology of the Renaissance is the subject of "The Moving Earth" (2009). "Taming the Quantum World" (2013), Becker-Larsen's contribution to the 100th anniversary of Niels Bohr's revolutionary atomic model, shows how quantum physics are being put to practical use.

Title Year Function Category
Den forunderlige kvanteverden 2013 Direction DK/Documentary
The Moving Earth 2009 Direction, Script DK/Documentary
Københavnerfortolkningen 2004 Direction, Script DK/Documentary
The theory of everything 1998 Direction DK/Documentary
Kalle's Orchestra 1990 Sound DK/Documentary
The Lesson of Quantum Physics 1989 Direction, Script DK/Documentary
Maskespil 1986 Sound DK/Documentary
Atomic Physics and Reality 1985 Direction, Script DK/Documentary
Midvinter, Masketid 1984 Editing, Sound DK/Documentary
Sigrid Olsen hjemmebager 1981 Direction, Sound DK/Documentary
Ingolf Fjeld 1981 Editing DK/Documentary
Kampucheas junglekrig - Besøg hos Khmer rouge partisanerne 1981 Sound DK/Documentary
The Rocker Film 1979 Sound DK/Documentary
Together with Lena 1979 Production assistant DK/Documentary
The army of the Unemployed 1975 Sound DK/Documentary