The Lesson of Quantum Physics

Lars Becker-Larsen, Denmark, 1989

24 min.DK/Documentary

The atomic world cannot be seen, in the classic way, as an independent reality. The observers choice of measuring apparatus decides what we shall see. The American physicist John Wheeler says that we are not only observers, but also participators in the quantum world. A disciple of Niels Bohr, he has demonstrated experimentally the paradoxical world picture of quantum physics.
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Original title Kvantefysikkens lære
Danish title Kvantefysikkens lære
Keywords Wheeler, John, Bohr, Niels, Quantum physics, Science, 1990-1999
Director Lars Becker-Larsen
Screenplay Lars Becker-Larsen
Director of Photography Anders Lykkeboe, Steen Dalin
Editor Jens Bidstrup
Composer Anders Koppel
Production country Denmark
Domestic distribution Jørlunde Film
Technical info color, Sound
TV release 21.03.1993, DR
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Production company Jørlunde Film
Domestic distribution Jørlunde Film


Direction Lars Becker-Larsen


Script Lars Becker-Larsen


Cinematographer Anders Lykkeboe
Cinematographer Steen Dalin
Camera assistant Casper Høyberg


Editing Jens Bidstrup


Music Anders Koppel


Animation Jakob Koch


Narrator Jørn Gottlieb

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