Taming the Quantum World

Lars Becker-Larsen, Denmark, 2013

46 min.DK/Documentary

A group of European physicists are working on new generation of computers. These will completely revolutionize the global information technology by exploiting the most peculiar phenomena of quantum mechanics - Superposition and Entanglement.
These paradoxical phenomena are today being exploited in order to create the global quantum information technology of the future. Quantum computers will literally possess completely revolutionary capacity and be able to process information quantities, which all of the world's existing computers would never be able to accomplish.
It will be possible to crack any known security system in seconds as an experiment from Innsbruck shows. In Munich scientists are trying to generate an enormous virtual reality on a quantum computer that may prove to be the tool to solve problems from global warming to the final fate of the universe.
Basic information Credits
Original title Den forunderlige kvanteverden
Danish title Den forunderlige kvanteverden
Keywords Information technology, Computers, Quantum physics, Quantum theory, Bohr, Niels, Einstein, Albert
Director Lars Becker-Larsen
Producer Gitte Randløv
Director of Photography Erik Norsker
Editor Marie-Louise Bordinggaard, Klaus de León Heinecke
Production country Denmark
International sales DR International Sales
DFI subsidy Konsulentstøtte
Danish rating Allowed for all
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Production company Masto Media
With support from Det Danske Filminstitut
In collaboration with DR TV, SVT, NRK, YLE TV1, RÚV, Basmati Film


Direction Lars Becker-Larsen


Producer Gitte Randløv
Co-producer Ellen Birgitte Riis
Production manager Bente Jæger


Cinematographer Erik Norsker
First assistant camera Michael Rosenløv


Editor Marie-Louise Bordinggaard
Editor Klaus de León Heinecke


Animation Søren Tomas
Animation Karsten Mungo Madsen

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