The jungle war in Kampuchea

Peter Bischoff, Denmark, 1981

40 min.DK/Documentary

A visit to the Khmer Rouge partisans. Kampuchea in south-east Asia has become known for the Pol Pot regime from 1975 to 78, for the occupation of the country by Vietnam in 1979, and for the widespread famine. This film was made in 1981 and reports on the military situation and on civil life behind the lines. Kmer Rouge politicians also offer their interpretations of what happened.
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Original title Kampucheas junglekrig - Besøg hos Khmer rouge partisanerne
Danish title Kampucheas junglekrig - Besøg hos Khmer rouge partisanerne
Keywords Political circumstances, Military, Khmer Rouge, Kampuchea, 1980-1989
Director Peter Bischoff
Director of Photography Søren Rud
Editor Peter Bischoff, Debbie Jensen
Sound Lars Becker-Larsen
Production country Denmark
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Production company Det Danske Filmværksted


Direction Peter Bischoff


Cinematography Søren Rud


Editing Peter Bischoff
Editing Debbie Jensen


Sound Lars Becker-Larsen

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