Unjustly Accused

Holger-Madsen, Denmark, 1913

58 min.DK/FeatureComedy, Drama, ComedySilent films

Count de Croisset proposes to the feted danser Odette Blant. Hewill give her all his love, his fortune and his title – on one condition: She must leave the theatre forever. Odette accepts the offer, assuring herself that she will not miss dancing when she has become a countess. But one day, she receives an offer she can't refuse.
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Original title Ballettens Datter
Danish title Ballettens Datter
International titles Odette, La danseuse, A danzarina, Odette, Dansösen, La lailarina
Other titles Danserinden
Director Holger-Madsen
Screenplay P. Nielsen
Director of Photography Marius Clausen
Appearance Svend Aggerholm, Rita Sacchetto, Torben Meyer, Christian Schrøder
Production country Denmark
Technical info 1160 meter, 35 mm, Normal, Black/white, Silent
Danish theatrical release 26.09.1913
Cinemas Panoptikon
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Production company Nordisk Films Kompagni


Direction Holger-Madsen


Script P. Nielsen


Cinematography Marius Clausen


Grev de Croisset Svend Aggerholm
Odette Blant, danserinde Rita Sacchetto
Delange, teaterdirektør Torben Meyer
Michot, apoteker Christian Schrøder
Baron de Montagliari Oluf Billesborg
Appearance Holger Syndergaard
Appearance Waldemar Hansen
Appearance Ebba Lorentzen
Appearance Johanne Krum-Hunderup
Appearance Peter Jørgensen
Appearance Doris Langkilde
Appearance Ingeborg Spangsfeldt
Appearance Agnes Lorentzen
Appearance Ingeborg Bruhn Bertelsen

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