Balloon Wars


In 1998, Brazil was the first country in the world to imprison people who released hot-air balloons. But far from ceasing to exist, the balloon culture simply went underground. Having been part of Brazil’s cultural heritage ever since colonial days, the balloons became increasingly popular in the favelas (shanty towns). Today thousands of balloon gangs represent an important alternative to the “real” gang violence that claims more than 60.000 lives anually. However, the law punishes all balloon activities with up to three years of prison, justified by fire hazards and dangers to air traffic. The film follows the two gang members Jabá and Ton, who belong to two of the most infamous balloon gangs in Brazil over five of the most dramatic years in recent Brazilian history.
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Original title Balloon Wars
Danish title Balloon Wars
Director Sissel Morrell Dargis
Producer Jesper Jack
Director of Photography Heloísa Passos
Editor Bruno Herrero Pariente
Production country Denmark


Executive Producer House of Real
With support from Det Danske Filminstitut, Creative Europe, Al Jazeera International


Direction Sissel Morrell Dargis


Producer Jesper Jack
Production manager Freja Delgado
Production assistant Lærke Moldenæs


Cinematographer Heloísa Passos


Editor Bruno Herrero Pariente
Editing supervisor Joe Bini

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