Big Boys Gone Bananas

Fredrik Gertten, Sweden, 2013

86 min.DK/Documentary

The film has been called a classic David vs
Goliath story - but it is more about freedom of speech and what
happens to a documentary filmmaker when he goes up against a large
corporation such as Dole Foods. How far will Dole go to shift the focus
off of them and onto the filmmaker even after their own CEO has
admitted wrong doing in a court of law and was captured on film. Media
spin, PR scare tactics, dirty tricks, lawsuits, and corporate bullying
come into play to try and destroy the filmmaker. But, it is the people
who ultimately prevail, thus creating a cautionary tale and a real lifelesson
learning experience.
Basic information Credits


Production company WG Film
Co-production SVT, Film i Skåne, Pausefilm
With support from Svenska Filminstitutet, MEDIA (EU)
In collaboration with YLE TV1, VPRO - Television, Against Gravity


Direction Fredrik Gertten
Narrative consultant Niels Pagh Andersen


Producer Margarete Jangård
Co-producer Louise Køster
Executive producer Fredrik Gertten
Production manager Lina Bertilsson
Line producer: L.A. Jade Fox
Post-production supervisor Emma Svensson
Research Elizabeth Klinck


Cinematographer Frank Pineda
Cinematographer Gabriel Noguez
Cinematographer Jason Wawro
Cinematographer Joakim Demmer
Cinematographer Joseph Aguirre
Cinematographer Kiki Allgeier
Cinematographer Malin Korkeasalo
Cinematographer Sasha Snow
Cinematographer Stefan Berg
Cinematographer Anna Sivertsson
Cinematographer Basia Winograd
Cinematographer Christian Sparkes
Cinematographer Desh Ferando
Cinematographer Devin Doyle
Cinematographer Doug Gritzmacher
Cinematographer Einar Árnason
Cinematographer Emma Svensson
Cinematographer Terese Mörnvik
Cinematographer Tobias Lilja
Cinematographer Tomas Kurkinas
Cinematographer Tomas Ramanauskas
Camera set-up Jeremiah Pitman
Camera set-up Zachary Heinzerling


Editor Jesper Osmund
Editor Benjamin Binderup
Trailer editor Jesper Osmund


Composer Conny Malmqvist
Composer Dan "Gisen" Malmquist


Sound designer Alexander Thörnqvist
Sound Bart Simpson
Sound Ebbe Gertten
Sound Emma Svensson
Trailer sound design Nils Olsson

Visual effects

Colourist Michael Cavanagh
Motion graphics Charlotte Rodenstedt
Brand identity Rebeca Méndez
Graphic design and poster Per Cromwell
Outreach consultant Ben Kempas


Appearance Alex Rivera
Appearance Alfonso Allende
Appearance Arvid Jurjaks
Appearance Bart Simpson
Appearance Bernt Hermele
Appearance Charlotte Lundgren
Appearance Dan Koeppel
Appearance David Magdael
Appearance Dawn Hudson
Appearance Fredrik Gertten
Appearance Jesper Osmund
Appearance Juan Domínguez
Appearance Ken Silverstein
Appearance Lars Åström
Appearance Lincoln Bandlow
Appearance Luciano Astudillo
Appearance Margarete Jangård
Appearance Mats Johansson
Appearance Michael Carter
Appearance Mikael Wiehe
Appearance Orvar Säfström
Appearance Peter Jäger
Appearance Richard Bergfors
Appearance Richard J. Lee
Appearance Steven Rendall
Appearance Sven Hughes
Appearance Timothy Burt

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