Carl & Niels

Alexander Evers Lind, Denmark, 2013

29 min.DK/DocumentaryFilm school films

Carl and Niels are identical twins. They have been inseparable most of their lives as best friends. But now that they are in their mid-twenties, they are losing the closeness they used to have. The film centres on the transformation Carl and Niels are undergoing as they find out what - if anything - they can be for each other in their adult lives. Putting them in a series of constructed spaces and situations, the director compels the twins to relate to each other.
Basic information Credits
Original title Carl & Niels
Danish title Carl & Niels
Other titles Afgangsfilm 2013
Keywords Twins, Siblings, Brothers
Director Alexander Evers Lind
Director of Photography Troels Rasmus Jensen
Editor Esben Bay Grundsøe
Sound Thomas Arent
Composer Michael Rexen, Emil Cold
Production designer Anne Oddershede
Appearance Carl Plum, Niels Plum
Production country Denmark
Dialogue language Danish
Domestic distribution Danske Filmskole
International sales The National Film School of Denmark
Danish theatrical release 19.06.2013
Cinemas Dagmar
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Production company Den Danske Filmskole
Domestic distribution Danske Filmskole


Direction Alexander Evers Lind


Cinematographer Troels Rasmus Jensen


Stills Troels Rasmus Jensen


Editor Esben Bay Grundsøe


Composer Michael Rexen
Composer Emil Cold

Production design

Production designer Anne Oddershede


Sound designer Thomas Arent


Appearance Carl Plum
Appearance Niels Plum

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