Kassandra Wellendorf, Denmark, 2002

16 min.DK/Experimental

»Close« examines a series of situations between bodies that reach out for each other. How close can you get? And can you ever get close enough? The form is experimental and depicts the meeting of bodies in beautiful and unusual close-ups that bypass the typical pornographic exhibition of naked bodies. Interacting with improvisations by modern dancers, director and cameraman have created a "choreography of the close-up". The result is a picture ballet that accommodates beauty as well as claustrophobic terror in its presentation of feelings like fear, intimacy and distance.

The film plays with differences - between the sexes, between hetero- and homosexual contact ¿ but also explores the blurring and obliteration of those differences.
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Original title Close
Danish title Close
Other titles Kassandra Wellendorf - 4 værker
Director Kassandra Wellendorf
Producer Michael Brask
Sound Jens Danielsen
Composer David Toop
Appearance Carina Raffel, Morten Innstrand, Nina Steen Knudsen, Michiko Lundsbjerg
Production country Denmark
Production company Rex Film
International sales
Technical info Black/white
Danish theatrical release 10.10.2002
Cinemas Cinemateket
Danish rating Not recommended for children under 7
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Production company Rex Film


Direction Kassandra Wellendorf


Producer Michael Brask


Stills Erik Molberg Hansen


Music David Toop


Sound Jens Danielsen


Appearance Carina Raffel
Appearance Morten Innstrand
Appearance Nina Steen Knudsen
Appearance Michiko Lundsbjerg
Appearance Jean Hugues Miredin
Appearance Jordi P Serra

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