Code Blue

Urszula Antoniak, Netherlands, 2011

81 min.Feature

In the shadowy margin between life and death lies the hospital where Marian, an ascetic nurse
in her 40s, dedicates herself like a saint to the gravely ill and the dying by giving them what
is often their last contact with the warmth of a living body. Sometimes she even takes on
the role of a redeemer, and helps her patients out of their misery by sending them to the
soothing order of death. These moments are precious to Marian ¿ for her, death is a moment
of ultimate intimacy.
Outside the hospital, Marian lives a solitary life, driven by perfection and control. Occasionally,
though, her suppressed feelings rise and make her drift away from her daily routine: one day,
she meets a stranger in the bus, instinctively follows him to the video store and fantasizes
about him. When Marian sees the man again she gets involuntarily linked to him in an act
of shared voyeurism. The sudden act of intimacy between them first repels then fascinates,
transfixes and frightens her. Faced with the fragility of her newfound emotions, Marian realizes
that she must give in to her human needs, even if this intimacy comes with a price...
Basic information Credits Materials
Original title Code Blue
Danish title Code Blue
Director Urszula Antoniak
Screenplay Urszula Antoniak
Based on Baseret på novellen "Woods" af Jacek 'Luter' Lenartowicz.
Producer Arnold Heslenfeld, Floor Onrust, Frans van Gestel
Director of Photography Jasper Wolf
Editor Nathalie Alonso Casale
Sound Jan Schermer, Kristian Selin Eidnes Andersen
Composer Ethan Rose
Production designer Marc Hammel, Vincent de Pater
Casting Matijs Wessels, Janusz Gosschalk
Appearance Bien de Moor, Lars Eidinger, Annemarie Prins, Sophie van Winden
Production country Netherlands, Denmark
Dialogue language Hollandsk,English
Technical info Cinemascope, Dolby, SRD
DFI subsidy Minor
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Production company
Co-production Family Affair Films


Direction Urszula Antoniak
Casting Matijs Wessels
Casting Janusz Gosschalk
Assistant director Charlie Endean
2nd assistant director Stefan Kriekhaus
Continuity Vincent van Willigen
Casting: extras Roos Drupsteen
2nd assistant director: Copenhagen Stephan Risgaard


Script supervisor Vincent van Willegen
Screenplay Urszula Antoniak
Script consultant Hedwig Agterbos
Script consultant Franz Rodenkirchen


Producer Arnold Heslenfeld
Producer Floor Onrust
Producer Frans van Gestel
Co-producer Joost de Wolf
Co-producer Marie Gade Denessen
Line producer Charlotte Vinther
Production manager Sharon Yosef
Production manager Noortje Wilschut
Post-production supervisor Jonne Rietra
Production assistant Ricardo Brouwer
Production assistant Mark Lolkema
Location scout Hans van der Berg
Location manager Robert Post
Location assistant Joost Ghijsen
Location manager: Berlin Micha Rost
Location manager: Berlin Stefan Schröder
Production assistant: Berlin Luis Singer
Production coordinator: Copenhagen Anna Tolnov
Location manager: Copenhagen Søren Dahl
Post-production supervisor Jonne Rietra
Lab coordinator Raquel Satumalaij
Co-producer Laurette Schillings


Director of Photography Jasper Wolf
Key grip Daan Dillo
Clapper/loader Suraj Kumar
First assistant camera Pancsi Puts
Phantom camera operator Flip Bleekrode
Key grip Daan Dillo
Key grip: Copenhagen Henry E. Williams
Key grip: Copenhagen Christian Brøndum
Key grip: Copenhagen Heine Bo
Clapper/loader: Copenhagen Thue Garde Finnich


Stills Thomas Marott

Electrical dept.

Gaffer Mark Bakker
Best boy Marc Kniphorst
Assistant lighting technician Wim van Swijgenhoven
Gaffer: Copenhagen Jacob Østergaard
Best boy: Copenhagen Jens Lund Larsen


Editor Nathalie Alonso Casale
Assistant editor Niels Koopman
Additional editing Danniel Danniel


Composer Ethan Rose
Additional music Jan Schermer
Musical consultant Mark van der Oever

Production design

Production designer Marc Hammel
Production designer Vincent de Pater
Assistant production designer Wilma Schuemie
Set technician Nicoline Vink
Set technician assistant Jolijn Paijmans
Assistant production designer Erik (art department) Hofman
Set technician: Copenhagen Tobias Tomming


Costume on set Bho Roosterman
Costume assistant Ellen Liem
Wardrobe assistant Marcel Moerel
Costume assistant Hanneke Geurts


Makeup artist Trudy Buren
SFX makeup Erik Hillenbrink
SFX makeup Rob Hillenbrink
Makeup artist assistant Renee van Balen


Sound designer Jan Schermer
Sound designer Kristian Selin Eidnes Andersen
Dialogue editor Tom Bijnen
Dialogue editor Jos van Galen
Foley artist George Hapig
Recording engineer Victor Horstink
Recording engineer Victor Horstink
Sound assistant Gijs Stolman
Supervising sound editor Jan Schermer
ADR recording René Overhorst
Assistant sound editor Evelien van der Molen
Foley recordist Mathias Krebs
Foley editor Kai Holzkaemper
Foley editor Hugo Kilo
Re-recording mixer Jan Schermer
Sound coordinator: post-production Christian Muiser

Visual effects

Compositing Richard van Dusschoten
Colourist Remi Lindenhovius
Digital colorgrading György Balatoni
Conforming Martijn van Houten
Digital technician Wietze Rijken
Supervisor Marja Paeper
Coordinator Dorien Plante
Coordinator Lisa Wolf
Title design Joost Hiensch


Stunt Dennis Albrechtsen

Other credits

Medical consultant Bregta Klaassen


Marian Bien de Moor
Konrad Lars Eidinger
Willie Annemarie Prins
Anne Sophie van Winden
Natsygeplejerske Christine Bijvanck
Læge Hans Kesting
Festdeltager Sam de Man
Festdeltager Anna Deborah van der Rhee
Festdeltager Mitchell van Dijk
Festdeltager Coen van Hulst
Patients kone Renée Fokker
Appearance Sabine Soetanto
Læge Hans Kesting
Genoplivningsteam Ria van der Bor
Genoplivningsteam Yvonne Bos
Genoplivningsteam Pieter Ten Hove
Genoplivningsteam Mark van Iperen
Genoplivningsteam Inge Laan
Genoplivningsteam Arrien van Prooijen
Genoplivet patient Henk van der Hoef
Patient Uli Schickentanz
Patient Gelijn Molier
Patient Frieda Pittoors
Patient Barbara Duijfjes
Patient Pier van Brakel
Karin Hannah van Lunteren
Besøgende Fransje Boelen
Besøgende Ian Bok
Ansat i videobutik Juda Goslinga
Kassedame Hanna van Vliet
Chef Sijtze van der Meer
Voldtægtsforbryder Esbjørn Mildh
Voldtægtsforbryder Dennis Albrethsen
Voldtægtsoffer Lone Rosenquist

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