Con Spirito - en film om Carlo Zecchi

Ole Askman, Denmark, 1991

40 min.DK/DocumentaryPortrait films

A loving portrait of the great Italian conductor Carlo Zecchi, who was born in Rome on 8th July 1903, and died in Salzburg in 1984. The film gets close to Maestro Zecchi during rehearsals and concerts where he conducts Mozart, his favourite composer of all... His work and ideas are commented upon by the Hungarian solo violinist Anton Kontra and the conductor, Ole Schmidt.
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Original title Con Spirito - en film om Carlo Zecchi
Danish title Con Spirito - en film om Carlo Zecchi
Keywords Zecchi, Carlo, Classical music
Director Ole Askman
Screenplay Ole Askman
Director of Photography Steen Rønne, Peter Klitgaard, Ole Askman
Editor Ole Askman, Steen Rønne
Sound Troels Orland, Preben Mortensen, Peter Englesson
Appearance Ole Schmidt, Anton Kontra
Production country Denmark
Domestic distribution Statens Filmcentral
Technical info 16 mm
Danish theatrical release 20.04.1991
Cinemas Dagmar
Danish rating Allowed for all
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Production company Statens Filmcentral, DR, Ophelia Film & Video
Domestic distribution Statens Filmcentral


Direction Ole Askman


Script Ole Askman


Production Knud Hauge
Production manager Karsten Grønborg
Production manager Hanne Høyberg
Production manager Cæcilie Nordgreen


Cinematography Steen Rønne
Cinematography Peter Klitgaard
Cinematography Ole Askman


Stills Steen Rønne
Stills Hanne Høyberg
Stills Martin Rønne
Stills Charlotte Askman


Editing Ole Askman
Editing Steen Rønne


Sound Troels Orland
Sound Preben Mortensen
Sound Peter Englesson


Appearance Ole Schmidt
Appearance Anton Kontra

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