David Moss - Take Me Away

Lars Movin, Denmark, 1989

30 min.DK/Documentary

Interview and a live recording with New York drummer David Moss from an evening in Odense, autumn 1988. Since he left the traditional jazz scene in the beginning of the seventies, David Moss has been working on creating his own universe of song and drums. The music he has developed draws upon elements from rock as well as jazz and modern composition music.
Basic information Credits
Original title David Moss - Take Me Away
Danish title David Moss - Take Me Away
Keywords Moss, David, Jazz, Jazz musicians
Director Lars Movin
Director of Photography Steen Skadhede, Torben Simonsen
Editor Ulrik Al Brask, Steen Skadhede, Lars Movin
Sound Ulrik Al Brask, Steen Skadhede, Lars Movin
Composer David Moss, Tom Cora
Production country Denmark
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Production company Det Danske Filmværksted


Direction Lars Movin


Cinematography Steen Skadhede
Cinematography Torben Simonsen


Editing Ulrik Al Brask
Editing Steen Skadhede
Editing Lars Movin


Music David Moss
Music Tom Cora


Sound Ulrik Al Brask
Sound Steen Skadhede
Sound Lars Movin

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