Bloody cartoons

Karsten Kjær, Denmark, 2007

53 min.DK/Documentary

This is a film about how and why 12 drawings in a Danish newspaper could whirl a small country into a confrontation with Muslims all over the world.

Danish director Karsten Kjaer travels to Lebanon, Turkey, Syria, Qatar and Iran to meet leading Muslim clerics who spoke out against the perceived insult to their Prophet and urged action upon their followers. In Iran he meets a professional revolutionary who took part in the action against the Danish Embassy. He, like others, had never seen the cartoons: to those Karsten Kjaer shows them for the first time, and discusses their meaning.

What are the views of these leading Muslims on the fundamental democratic values such as freedom of speech, critical debate and the tolerance of other views? And were the demonstrations and Embassy burnings really spontaneous? What limits should there be, if any, to freedom of speech in a democracy?
Basic information Credits
Original title De forbandede tegninger
Danish title De forbandede tegninger
Other titles Why democracy?
Keywords Muhammed drawings, Conflicts, Freedom of speech, Islam, Muslims, Democracy, Middle East, The, Denmark, 2000-2009, western world, The, The Arab countries
Director Karsten Kjær
Screenplay Karsten Kjær
Director of Photography Jean Gabriel Leynaud, Kim Frandsen, Lars Skree
Composer Jesper Ranum
Production country Denmark
International sales Team Productions ApS
DFI subsidy Konsulentstøtte
Danish rating Allowed for all
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Production company Freeport Film


Direction Karsten Kjær


Script Karsten Kjær


Production Alan Hayling


Cinematography Jean Gabriel Leynaud
Cinematography Kim Frandsen
Cinematography Lars Skree


Stills Lars Skree


Music Jesper Ranum

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