Senior citizens

Torben Anton Svendsen, Denmark, 1947

15 min.DK/Documentary

The laws governing old age pensions in Denmark have recently been consolidated, and the rates of pensions improved. The film opens with visits to typical old age pensioners living independently. We pay a visit to a typical block of low-rent flats, built specially for old people who can care for themselves. Special places are provided for those who can no longer live alone without attention. We see the famous De Gamles By, which has been criticised on a number of counts, yet which has certain amenities provided by few other such places. We then visit a number of old people's homes, including a small one in a village, one of the most modern homes in Denmark in the prosperous Copenhagen suburb of Gentofte, and a typical average home.
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Original title The Seventh Age
Danish title De gamle
International titles L' Age de repos, Die Alten
Other titles Social Denmark V, De Gamle
Keywords Senior citizens, Senior housing, Eldercare, Social services, 1940-1949
Director Torben Anton Svendsen
Screenplay Carl Th. Dreyer, Torben Anton Svendsen
Producer Arthur Elton
Director of Photography Karl Andersson
Sound Erik Rasmussen, Knud Kristensen
Composer Emil Reesen
Production country Denmark
Domestic distribution Udenrigsministeriets Pressebureau
Technical info 440 meter, 35 mm, 1,37:1 Academy, Black/white, Sound
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Production company Palladium
Commissioned by Arbejds- og Socialministeriet, Ministeriernes Filmudvalg
Domestic distribution Udenrigsministeriets Pressebureau


Direction Torben Anton Svendsen


Script Carl Th. Dreyer
Script Torben Anton Svendsen


Producer Arthur Elton


Cinematography Karl Andersson


Music Emil Reesen


Sound Erik Rasmussen
Sound Knud Kristensen


Voiceover Aksel Dahlerup
eng. version Ralph Elton
eng. version Susanne Palsbo
fr. version Francois Coustère
fr. version Therése Camos

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