Den anden Dirch

Ole Juncker, Denmark, 2019

50 min.DK/Documentary

Dirch Passer was not only the funniest and most beloved comedian in Denmark, he was also obsessed with his work and in finding the key to making his audience laugh. This documentary tells the dramatic story of Dirch Passer as his daughter, sister, ex-girlfriend and colleagues reveal the story of a man who couldn't say no, and eventually died on stage in Tivoli.
Basic information Credits
Original title Den anden Dirch
Danish title Den anden Dirch
Keywords Passer, Dirch, Comedians, Actors, Personal history
Director Ole Juncker
Editor Lars Juul
Composer Bjarni Biering
Production country Denmark
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Production company Plus Pictures
With support from Public Service Puljen, TV2


Direction Ole Juncker


Executive producer Mette Heide
Visual producer Lars Juul
Production manager Jacob Utzon
Production manager Luna Jansen
TV2 editor Liv Michelsen


Editor Lars Juul


Composer Bjarni Biering


Sound: post-production Matias la Cour

Visual effects

Grading Anders Birch

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