The Dead Soldier

Jesper Ærø, Denmark, 2019

43 min.DK/Documentary

Jacob Panton is hit by a grenade, shot five times by a sniper and dies on the operating table. Miraculously, he is revived and survives the attack by the Taliban on his last patrol in Afghanistan.
Jacob returns home and a tough fight starts for him, his wife and daughter. The now former tank commander is so badly hurt that he cannot return to his comrades in the Armed Forces. He looses his identity and in frustration in how badly the system takes care of wounded soldiers, he slowly finds a new meaning in life. His new life project is to help other wounded veterans return to a tolerable life. Jacob Panton tells his dramatic story of how war can change everything.
Basic information Credits
Original title Den døde soldat
Danish title Den døde soldat
Director Jesper Ærø
Director of Photography Mads Thomsen, Mads Thomsen, Simon Mouridsen
Editor David Rue, Jesper Ærø
Sound Mikkel Furbo, Rune Kristensen
Appearance Jakob Panton, Martin Hylander, Louise Kilhof
Production country Denmark
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Production company
Executive Producer STV Production A/S
With support from Public Service Puljen, TV2


Direction Jesper Ærø


Executive producer Jonatan Jerichow
Executive producer René Szczyrbak
Unit manager Simone Adalberth Jørgensen
Production manager Anita Foged Rasmussen
Editor, TV 2 Lasse Bjerre


Cinematographer Mads Thomsen
Cinematographer Mads Thomsen
Cinematographer Simon Mouridsen
First assistant camera Tobey Nordenlund

Electrical dept.

Best boy Claus Preis
Best boy Mikkel Vinther


Editor David Rue
Editor Jesper Ærø


Makeup artist Veronika Bjerring


Sound engineer Mikkel Furbo
Sound engineer Rune Kristensen
Sound mixer Steffen Addington
Sound mixer Joachim Nyholm

Special effects

SFX Hummer Højmark
SFX Gerrit Hensen

Visual effects

CGI Jakob Lundbye
CGI Alex Davids
Graphic design Lars Gregers
Colourist Rune Felix Holm


Appearance Jakob Panton
Rekonstruktion Martin Hylander
Rekonstruktion Louise Kilhof

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