The little Bird and the Bees

Lena von Döhren, Switzerland, 2020

4 min.Short fictionChildren''s films, Animation

High above, the small bird enjoys the flowers of its maple tree. A mysterious humming that needs to be fathomed sends him on a journey into a magical world of flowers. Of course, the fiery red fox is soon on the little bird’s heels. Trailed by bad luck the fox makes acquaintance with the hard-working bees. The final encounter with the beehive results into a rather unpleasant surprise for the troublemaker. In the end the little bird is once again enriched with an experience and offers a colorful welcome to his new friends.
Basic information Credits
Original title Der kleine Vogel und die Bienen
Danish title Den lille fugl og bierne
Part of Der kleine Vogel (Oversigt)
Keywords Animals, Birds, Bees, Flowers, Nature, Foxes
Director Lena von Döhren
Editor Fee Liechti
Sound Christof Steinmann
Composer Martin Waespe
Production country Switzerland
Domestic distribution Danske Filminstitut
Online release 28.09.2020, Filmcentralen,
Danish rating Allowed for all
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Production company Schattenkabinett
Co-production Schweizer Radio und Fernsehen
Domestic distribution Danske Filminstitut


Direction Lena von Döhren


Co-producer Gabriela Bloch Steinmann


Editor Fee Liechti


Composer Martin Waespe


Sound designer Christof Steinmann


Animator Lena von Döhren
Background designer Raphael Beck
Background designer Lena von Döhren
Effect animation Nils Hedinger

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