The Little Vampire

Karsten Kiilerich, Richard Claus, Netherlands, 2017

82 min.FeatureFamily films

Rudolph Sackville-Bagge is about to celebrate his 13th birthday for the 300th time. He’s a handsome teen; pale like he’s never seen the sun. It’s one of the prices of being a vampire; like being 13-years old for centuries. Rudolph’s Vampire parents, Freda and Frederick, are strict and old-school. Rudolph, Anna, his beautiful 12-year old sister and Gregory, his lethally cool older brother, are all rebelling against their parents.
For Rudolph and Anna the rebellion is a simple thirst for adventure, Gregory is thirsting for more. He thinks his father is a coward, but the truth is Frederick is simply trying to save his family from the notorious vampire hunter, Rookery, and his young apprentice Maney.
Basic information Credits Materials
Original title The Little Vampire
Danish title Den lille vampyr
Director Karsten Kiilerich, Richard Claus
Producer Chris Brouwer, Richard Claus
Director of Photography Niels Grønlykke
Editor Job ter Burg
Composer Vidjay Beerepoot
Production designer Edwin Rhemrev
Production country Netherlands, Germany, Denmark, United Kingdom
Domestic distribution Copenhagen Bombay Sales
Danish theatrical release 26.10.2017
Danish rating Not recommended for children under 7
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Production company
Executive Producer A. Film Production
With support from Det Danske Filminstitut
Domestic distribution Copenhagen Bombay Sales


Direction Karsten Kiilerich
Direction Richard Claus


Producer Chris Brouwer
Producer Richard Claus
Associate producer Dene Anderberg
Executive producer Brian Cleveland
Executive producer Jason Cleveland
Executive producer Edward Noeltner
Co-producer Jana Bohl
Co-producer Maya Gräfin Rothkirch
Co-producer Anders Mastrup
Co-producer Holger Tappe


Cinematographer Niels Grønlykke


Editor Job ter Burg


Composer Vidjay Beerepoot

Production design

Production designer Edwin Rhemrev

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