Home Sweet Home

Lars Mikkelsen, Denmark, 2014

31 min.DK/Short fiction

Erik rules his wife and kids like a tyrant king. One day his teenage son, Lasse, is pushed too far and he puts Erik in the hospital for two weeks. In the meantime, the father's absence transforms daily life around the house, allowing the other members of the family to breathe more freely. Lasse gets involved with Daniella, a girl from his school, whom he was previously banned from seeing. Lone, the mother of the family, allows herself to take Erik's fancy car out for a spin. Everything comes to a head at a dramatic dinner party with Erik's parents, as we are shown just how violence runs in the family.
Basic information Credits
Original title Den perfekte middag
Danish title Den perfekte middag
Keywords Violence, Emotional violence, Families, Fathers
Director Lars Mikkelsen
Screenplay Lars C. Detlefsen, Lars Mikkelsen
Producer Carsten Holst, Jesper Jarl Becker
Director of Photography Thomas Gerhardt
Editor Bodil Kjærhauge
Sound Alex Pavlovic
Composer Kristian Selin Eidnes Andersen
Production designer Charlotte Bech
Appearance Morten Kirkskov, Anne Louise Hassing, Lars Knutzon, Ulla Henningsen
Production country Denmark
International sales MICA Productions ApS
TV release 23.10.2013, Dialogrejse
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Production company Mica Productions, Globus Film
With support from Det Danske Filminstitut


Direction Lars Mikkelsen
1st assistant director Poul Erik Madsen


Screenplay Lars C. Detlefsen
Screenplay Lars Mikkelsen


Producer Carsten Holst
Producer Jesper Jarl Becker
Production manager Anders Wøldike Schmith


Cinematographer Thomas Gerhardt

Electrical dept.

Lighting supervisor Jens Lund
Lighting supervisor Kasper Mønster


Editor Bodil Kjærhauge


Composer Kristian Selin Eidnes Andersen

Production design

Production designer Charlotte Bech


Stylist Tine Berg


Sound designer Alex Pavlovic
Sound technician Rune Bjerre Sand

Special effects

SFX technician Per Kapper
SFX technician Hummer Højmark
SFX technician Christian Kitter


Erik Morten Kirkskov
Lone Anne Louise Hassing
Morten Lars Knutzon
Birthe Ulla Henningsen
Lasse Samuel Heller-Seiffert
Daniella Kira Lyngaa Hansen
Sygeplejerske Camilla Vinther Jeppesen
Maria Alberte Blichfeldt

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