Digital Days - Is It The Pope Speaking


In the spring of 1998, the Filmworkshop launched 14 short films in the investigating work DIGITAL DAYS. The films could only be made with the aid of plenty computer power. IS IT THE POPE SPEAKING, surveys the finest of the films and together with 4 of the dirrectors, we go behind the projects and the new practice of movie making. The following titels are shown in their full length: THE DEVINE by Morten Hartz Kaplers, PARADISE by Anne Alix, AIRMAX AND THE COTTONBALL MONSTERS by Ulle Silfverberg Andreasen, ALICE' ALICE by Nina Søs Vinther and Martin de Thura, COCOON by Anna Meyling, HOMME QUI MARCHE by Michael Lindeborgh & Mads Tobias Olsen, TRANSFORMER by Tau Ulf Lenskjold, THE NEW SAVIOUR by Kasper Syhler, and AUTUMN LEAVES by Jess René Gertsen.
Basic information Credits
Original title Digitale dage - er det paven der taler
Danish title Digitale dage - er det paven der taler
Director Thomas Therchilsen, Rum Malmros
Screenplay Rum Malmros, Thomas Therchilsen, Prami Larsen
Director of Photography Thomas Therchilsen, Henrik Vincent Thiesen, Lars Bonde, Rasmus Videbæk, Poul Vestergaard
Editor Thomas Therchilsen
Sound Thomas Therchilsen
Composer Rastko Lazic, Jacob Ley
Production country Denmark
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Production company Filmværkstedet / DFI


Direction Thomas Therchilsen
Direction Rum Malmros


Script Rum Malmros
Script Thomas Therchilsen
Script Prami Larsen


Cinematography Thomas Therchilsen
Cinematography Henrik Vincent Thiesen
Cinematography Lars Bonde
Cinematography Rasmus Videbæk
Cinematography Poul Vestergaard


Editing Thomas Therchilsen


Music Rastko Lazic
Music Jacob Ley


Sound Thomas Therchilsen

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