Diplomacy - the responsibility to protect

47 min.DK/Documentary

A behind-the-scenes film about the UN Security Council's diplomatic work with conflict resolution. Directors Boris Bertram and Rasmus Dinesen are the first ever to gain first-hand access to the process of high-level diplomacy, as they followed the Danish presidency of the Security Council in June 2006 - at a time where the world was facing genocide in Darfur. The film shows Danish UN diplomats - among others UN ambassador Ellen Margrethe Løj - during the nerve-wrecking month as Denmark joins the negotiations alongside Kofi Annan and others. The stakes are high, and time is running out.
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Original title Diplomacy - the responsibility to protect
Danish title Diplomacy - the responsibility to protect
Other titles Diplomacy - spillet om Darfur
Keywords Dafur, Africa, Humanitarian work, Humanitarian catastrophies, UN, Politics
Director Rasmus Dinesen, Boris Benjamin Bertram
Screenplay Rasmus Dinesen, Boris Benjamin Bertram
Director of Photography Adam Philp
Editor Mette Zeruneith, Henrik Vincent Thiesen, Daniel Dencik
Sound Morten Green, Rasmus Dinesen
Composer Tobias Wilner Bertram
Appearance Ellen Margrethe Løj, Kofi Annan, George Clooney, Per Stig Møller
Production country Denmark
Domestic distribution Michau+
International sales DR International Sales
Technical info color
Danish theatrical release 13.06.2008
Cinemas Vester Vov Vov Filmen distribueres på DVD af Kort og Dok, www.kortogdok.dk, og MICHAU+,
www.michauplus.dk og kan streames via www.filmstriben.dk
DFI subsidy Konsulentstøtte
Danish rating Allowed for children over the age of 11
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Production company Easy Film
Domestic distribution Michau+


Direction Rasmus Dinesen
Direction Boris Benjamin Bertram


Script Rasmus Dinesen
Script Boris Benjamin Bertram


Production Ole Tornbjerg


Cinematography Adam Philp
Cinematographer Emil Noel


Editing Mette Zeruneith
Editing Henrik Vincent Thiesen
Editing Daniel Dencik


Music Tobias Wilner Bertram


Sound Morten Green
Sound Rasmus Dinesen


Appearance Ellen Margrethe Løj
Appearance Kofi Annan
Appearance George Clooney
Appearance Per Stig Møller

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Anmeldelse Berlingske Tidende Ebbe Iversen 2008-06-13
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