On the Roof

11 min.Short fictionDramaYouth films

It is summertime.
Each afternoon, Adrián and his friends go up to the roof of a building to spy on a girl who sunbathes in the nude. But this afternoon will not be like the others: today they will realize that one of them is more interested in a guy showering in a nearby building.
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Original title En la azotea
Danish title Drengene på taget
Other titles On the Roof
Keywords Spain, Boys, Teenagers, Sexuality, Homosexuality, Friendship, Bullying
Director Damiá Serra Cauchetiez
Screenplay Damiá Serra Cauchetiez, Miguel Casanova
Director of Photography Gemma Rogés
Sound Sandra Ramionet, Oriol Bonals
Appearances Nil Cardoner, Roger Príncep, Biel Estivill, Pol Hinojosa
Production country Spain
Production companies Escac Films
Domestic distribution Det Danske Filminstitut
Online release 25.10.2017
Danish rating Not recommended for children under 7


Production companies Escac Films
Co-producer Cataland Films
Domestic distribution Det Danske Filminstitut


Direction Damiá Serra Cauchetiez


Screenplay Damiá Serra Cauchetiez
Screenplay Miguel Casanova


Production manager Rubén Llorach


Cinematographer Gemma Rogés

Production design

Art director Tere Zuluaga
Art director Irene Milla


Sound designer Sandra Ramionet
Sound designer Oriol Bonals

Visual effects

VFX art director Paula Sinoga


Adrián Nil Cardoner
Lucas Roger Príncep
Marcos Biel Estivill
Jonathan Pol Hinojosa
Borja Arnau Aizpitarte

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