Queen for a Day

Marianne Hansen, Denmark, 2013

13 min.DK/Short fiction

Sara is the odd one out, being the only blond and blue-eyed girl in her class, and she is completely overlooked by the popular kids, also known as the kings and queens. One day, she eyes an opportunity to boost her popularity and become queen - if only for a day.
Basic information Credits
Original title Dronning for en dag
Danish title Dronning for en dag
Keywords Young people, Girls, Popularity, School
Director Marianne Hansen
Screenplay Marianne Hansen
Producer Marianne Hansen, Tivi Magnusson
Director of Photography George Oliver
Editor Birger Møller Jensen
Sound Thomas Pape
Composer Povl Kristian
Production designer Elianna Morningstar Hansen, Josefine Else Larsen, Lise Bang Brandtmar
Appearance Rosalina Krøyer, Mira Andrea Balloli, Julia A. Gormsen, Josephine Perle Voss
Production country Denmark
Dialogue language Danish
Domestic distribution Wisdom Bell Productions
Technical info color, Dolby 5.1
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Production company M&M Productions, Wisdom Bell Productions
With support from Filmværkstedet / DFI
Domestic distribution Wisdom Bell Productions


Direction Marianne Hansen
Assistant director Yade Richmond Krøyer


Screenplay Marianne Hansen
Script consultant Christina Rosendahl


Producer Marianne Hansen
Producer Tivi Magnusson
Production manager Yade Richmond Krøyer
Production assistant Simone Pirchert
Production assistant Charlotte Anastasia Hansen
Production assistant Mie Frandsen
Production assistant Pianna Møller Krebs
Production assistant Cecilie Buch-Hansen


Cinematographer George Oliver
Camera assistant James Duncan
Key grip Martin A. Sørensen
Key grip Simon Dixgaard
DIT Biel Andrés
DIT Gustav Spanget

Electrical dept.

Best boy Casper Bülow Christensen
Assistant lighting technician Nicholas Bluff
Assistant lighting technician Tim Jespersgaard Klausen
Assistant lighting technician Simon Dixgaard
Assistant lighting technician Martin A. Sørensen


Editor Birger Møller Jensen


Music Povl Kristian

Production design

Production designer Elianna Morningstar Hansen
Production designer Josefine Else Larsen
Production designer Lise Bang Brandtmar


Costume on set Elianna Morningstar Hansen
Costume on set Josefine Else Larsen
Costume on set Lise Bang Brandtmar
Costume on set Yade Richmond Krøyer


Makeup artist Cecilie Emilie Pedersen
Makeup assistant Eva Ferré Winkel


Sound engineer Thomas Pape
Mixer Thomas Pape

Visual effects

Online and colorgrading Emil Tralov
Graphic design Marianne Hansen


Animation Mark Bo Jensen
Animation Sam Surplice


Sara Rosalina Krøyer
Appearance Mira Andrea Balloli
Appearance Julia A. Gormsen
Appearance Josephine Perle Voss
Appearance Sofia Bedjaoui
Appearance Igor August Svideniouk Egholm
Appearance Alex Haagensen
Appearance Casper Budding
Appearance William Salicath
Appearance Marie Brock
Appearance Morten Lützhøft

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