Tivi Magnusson

(1942 – )

Producer. Born 30/9 1942, Aarhus.

Magnusson founded the production company HTM Film in 1975 and was CEO of Metronome Productions from 1984 to 1988. In this period he produced af number Danish classics as "Hodja from Pjort" (1985), "Early Spring" (1986) and "Shower of Gold" (1988). He was program director at the Danish Broadcasting Corporation from 1988 to 1990.

In 1995 Tivi Magnusson founded the production company M&M Productions together with his son and fellow producer Kim Magnusson. The company has produced a large number of short and feature films during the years. In 2010 they won an Oscar for Best Short Film with "The New Tenants" (2009) and the same thing happened in 2014, when "Helium" (2014) won an Oscar for "Best Short Fiction Film".

Magnusson is also a co-founder of the Danish Film Academy.

Title Year Function Category
Why is Santa crying? 2021 Executive producer DK/Short fiction
The Confirmation 2019 Executive producer DK/Short fiction
We are all leaving 2019 Co-producer DK/Short fiction
Up and Away 2018 Executive producer DK/Feature
The Dolphin 2017 Mand med hund, Producer DK/Short fiction
Sporskifte 2016 Executive producer DK/Short fiction
Albert 2015 Producer, Executive producer DK/Feature
Men & Chicken 2015 Producer DK/Feature
Helium 2014 Producer DK/Short fiction
Katusha 2014 Producer DK/Short fiction
Tale of a String 2013 Producer DK/Short fiction
Queen for a Day 2013 Producer DK/Short fiction
9 meter 2012 Producer DK/Short fiction
Den talende kuffert 2011 Executive producer DK/Short fiction
The New Tenants 2009 Producer DK/Short fiction
Monsterjægerne 2009 Producer DK/Feature
At World's End 2009 Producer DK/Feature
The Funeral 2008 Producer DK/Short fiction
Make My Day 2008 Producer DK/Short fiction
Tempelriddernes skat III - Mysteriet om slangekronen 2008 Executive producer DK/Feature
Tempelriddernes skat II 2007 Producer DK/Feature
Til døden os skiller 2007 Executive producer DK/Feature
Tempelriddernes skat 2006 Producer DK/Feature
True Spirit 2005 Production DK/Feature
Adam's Apples 2005 Producer DK/Feature
Steget efter 2005 Co-producer Feature
The Green Butchers 2003 Production DK/Feature
The Performance 2003 Producer DK/Short fiction
Dogon 2003 Producer DK/Documentary
Zakka West 2003 Executive producer DK/Feature
Nói albinói 2003 Co-producer Feature
Jolly Roger 2001 Producer DK/Feature
Trækfugle 2001 Producer DK/Short fiction
Flickering Lights 2000 Producer DK/Feature
Afsporet 1999 Production DK/Short fiction
Min smukke nabo 1999 Producer DK/Short fiction
Albert 1998 Production DK/Feature
A Regular Thing 1998 Producer DK/Short fiction
Election Night 1998 Producer DK/Short fiction
Tempo 1998 Executive producer DK/Experimental
David's book 1997 Production DK/Short fiction
Wolfgang 1997 Production, Producer DK/Short fiction
The Island on Bird Street 1997 Producer DK/Feature
Café Hector 1996 Production DK/Short fiction
Ernst og lyset 1996 Producer DK/Short fiction
Operation Cobra 1995 Production DK/Feature
Da Lotte blev usynlig 1988 Producer TV series
Shower of Gold 1988 Producer DK/Feature
Heaven and Hell 1988 Producer DK/Feature
Emma's shadow 1988 Producer DK/Feature
Peter von Scholten 1987 Co-producer DK/Feature
Tootsiepops and Candyfloss 1987 Producer DK/Feature
Subway To Paradise 1987 Producer DK/Feature
Ballerup Boulevard 1986 Producer DK/Feature
Early Spring 1986 Producer DK/Feature
The Dark Side Of The Moon 1986 Producer DK/Feature
Shot from the heart 1986 Producer DK/Feature
Hodja fra Pjort 1985 Producer DK/Feature
Angels in love 1985 Producer DK/Feature
Granny's house 1984 Producer DK/Feature
Haiti Express 1983 Production, Executive producer, Editing supervisor DK/Feature
The ballad of Linda 1982 Production, Production manager DK/Feature
Tomas, a child out of reach 1980 Production, Production manager DK/Documentary
Gæsterne 1972 Appearance DK/Experimental
Busybody 1969 Production designer DK/Feature