Sophie Martin, France, 2018

22 min.Short fiction

Jully, a 14 years old teenager girl with a sturdy character and captain of her city's basketball team, is struck by the tragic car accident of her parents. Overnight, she is placed in a foster care with her little sister Charlie. Jully prefers to hide the truth from her friends, and she is going to learn how to integrate herself and overcome her anger and sadness. Basketball will be the key for her adaptation that seems impossible.
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Original title Dunk
Danish title Dunk
Keywords Friendship, Family, The, Grief, Sisters, Identity
Director Sophie Martin
Screenplay Sophie Martin
Producer Nicolas d’Autryve, Sophie Martin, Déborah Suc
Director of Photography Quentin de Lamarzelle
Editor Suewellyne Groulier
Sound Louis Peltier, Robin Bouët
Casting Stéphanie Doncker
Appearances Louise Malek, Inés Zahoré, Louna Espinosa, Charlotte Barocci
Production country France
Production companies Dunk Films
Domestic distribution Det Danske Filminstitut
Online release 29.10.2019, Filmcentralen,
Danish rating Allowed for children over the age of 11


Production companies Dunk Films
Co-producer Les compagn’arts
Domestic distribution Det Danske Filminstitut


Direction Sophie Martin
Casting Stéphanie Doncker


Screenplay Sophie Martin


Producer Nicolas d’Autryve
Producer Sophie Martin
Producer Déborah Suc
Co-producer Pierre-Henri Schmitt


Cinematographer Quentin de Lamarzelle


Editor Suewellyne Groulier


Sound designer Louis Peltier
Sound designer Robin Bouët


Appearance Louise Malek
Appearance Inés Zahoré
Appearance Louna Espinosa
Appearance Charlotte Barocci
Appearance Elie Houbani
Appearance Valérie Faure Miller

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