Elves' Hill

Gunnar Helsengreen, Denmark, 1910

17 min.DK/Short fictionDrama, Historical drama, AdaptionsSilent films

Near Elves’ Hill (Elverhøjen) lives Karen, a superstitious farmer’s wife, with her daughter Agnete. Agnete and the noble Sir Ebbesen are very much in love, but to their great sorrow Ebbesen is betrothed to the noble-born Elisabeth Munk. But not everything is as it seems. For Karen is not Agnete’s real mother: she found the baby girl on Elves’ Hill the very same night that the infant Elisabeth Munk, goddaughter of King Christian IV, disappeared from her parents’ home. When King Christian arrives in the area where his goddaughter’s wedding is to take place, he becomes something of a detective and sets out to untangle the entire mystery.
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Original title Elverhøj
Danish title Elverhøj
Director Gunnar Helsengreen
Based on Efter skuespillet af samme navn af Johan Ludvig Heiberg.
Appearance Philip Bech, Martha Helsengreen, Jenny Roelsgaard, Peter Malberg
Production country Denmark
Domestic distribution Fotorama
Technical info 250 meter, 35 mm, Normal, Black/white, Silent
Danish theatrical release 10.10.1910
Cinemas Fotorama (Aarhus)
TV release 29.01.1970
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Production company Fotorama
Domestic distribution Fotorama


Direction Gunnar Helsengreen


Kong Christian d. 4. Philip Bech
Karen, en gammel bondekone Martha Helsengreen
Agnete Jenny Roelsgaard
Albert Ebbesen Peter Malberg
Paul Flemming Aage Fønss
Elisabeth Munk Marie Niedermann
Henrik Walkendorf Johannes Rich
Elverkongen Aage Bjørnbak
Bjørn, hushovmester Alfred Cohn
Appearance Magda Vang Lauridsen
Appearance Agnes-Marie ("Mulle") Helsengreen

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