Gunnar Helsengreen, Denmark, 1911

42 min.DK/FeatureDrama, MelodramaSilent films

Musical Magda has three suitors – the insidious bank clerk Hilmer, the kind-hearted Dr. Dyring and the nice supreme court attorney Hatting. Much to Dyring’s annoyance, Hatting is the first to pluck up the courage and propose, and Magda soon becomes Mrs. Hatting. After a few years, she becomes bored of the marriage and decides to leave her husband, children and home in favour of the dishonest Hilmer. However, it doesn’t take long before she takes off her rose-tinted glasses and sees Hilmer for who he really is.
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Original title En hjemløs Fugl
Danish title En hjemløs Fugl
Director Gunnar Helsengreen
Screenplay Erling Stensgaard, Ljut Stensgaard
Appearance Marie Niedermann, Philip Bech, Aage Schmidt, Peter Nielsen
Production country Denmark
Domestic distribution Fotorama
Technical info 962 meter, 35 mm, Black/white, Silent
Danish theatrical release 08.05.1911
Cinemas Kosmorama (København)
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Production company Fotorama
Domestic distribution Fotorama


Direction Gunnar Helsengreen


Script Erling Stensgaard
Script Ljut Stensgaard


Fru Magda Marie Niedermann
Hatting, overretssagfører Philip Bech
Hilmer, bankassistent Aage Schmidt
Dr. Dyring Peter Nielsen
Meta Thiesen Kamma Creutz Nathansen
Appearance Zanny Petersen
Appearance Agnes-Marie ("Mulle") Helsengreen

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