Zanny Petersen

(1892 – 1976)

Title Year Function Category
Hendes Helt 1919 Tove Gram, Ingas veninde DK/Feature
A Trip to Mars 1918 Corona, Avantis'' søster DK/Feature
Justice Victorious 1918 Efka DK/Feature
The Music-Hall Star 1918 Gudrun Aarup DK/Feature
Dykkerklokkens Hemmelighed 1918 Sonnia, Carras'' adoptivdatter DK/Feature
The Pierrot 1917 Gabrielle Riot, Jeans hustru DK/Feature
Peace On Earth 1917 Bianca, Claudius'' datter DK/Feature
Den sorte Kugle 1917 Nelly, Tayners datter DK/Feature
Father Sorrow 1917 Claire, professor Legays datter DK/Feature
The mayfly 1916 Kitty, Weltons datter DK/Feature
Grevinde Hjerteløs 1916 Appearance DK/Feature
The Spider’s Prey 1916 Appearance DK/Feature
Fangen paa Zora 1915 Dagmar, grev Orloffs datter DK/Feature
The Opium Smoker 1914 Henny von Brincken DK/Feature
Raphael, the Gypsy 1914 Inger, Waldorfs datter DK/Feature
Diligencekusken fra San-Hilo 1914 Rosa, Jacks niece DK/Feature
Hans Faders Ære 1914 Claire, Harrys forlovede DK/Feature
Kvinder 1914 Gaby DK/Feature
The adventures of the millionaire''s son 1914 Lolly, Plummers datter DK/Feature
The atonement 1913 Ellen, Fannys datter DK/Feature
Tom in a hurry 1913 Appearance DK/Short fiction
Behind the Scenes 1913 Appearance DK/Feature
The magic bottle 1913 Appearance DK/Short fiction
His Highness, The Prince 1913 Grethe, borgmesterdatter DK/Feature
The Ghost of the White Lady 1913 Appearance DK/Feature
The Princess'' Dilemma 1913 Tjenestepige på slottet DK/Feature
The Gambler''s Wife 1913 Appearance DK/Feature
During the plague 1913 Appearance DK/Feature
A Woman''s Right 1913 Appearance DK/Feature
His most difficult part 1913 Appearance DK/Short fiction
Unsuccessful flirtation 1912 Appearance DK/Short fiction
Hvad Møllebranden afslørede 1912 Alma, majorens datter DK/Feature
The two convicts 1912 Johanne, Svales broderdatter DK/Feature
A summer flirtation 1912 Appearance DK/Short fiction
A Modern Desdemona 1912 Appearance DK/Feature
Midsummer-time 1912 Solveig DK/Feature
Kærlighed og Venskab 1912 Appearance DK/Feature
The Rights of Youth 1911 Else, hofjægermesterens datter DK/Feature
Herr Storms første Monocle 1911 Appearance DK/Short fiction
The disappearance of Mona Lisa 1911 Lissie, redaktørens datter DK/Short fiction
The Girl Behind the Counter 1911 Lily DK/Feature
The Power of Love 1911 Appearance DK/Feature
The King''s Power 1911 Appearance DK/Feature
Homeless 1911 Appearance DK/Feature
Anna fra Æbeltoft 1911 Appearance DK/Short fiction
Buttons and hooks 1911 Appearance DK/Short fiction
A Fatal Lie 1911 Appearance DK/Feature
Revenge is Sweet Appearance DK/Short fiction