His Highness, The Prince

29 min.DK/FeatureComedy, ComedySilent films

In the small kingdom of Snobbéria, a rollicking tale of mistaken identity unfolds. A busy journalist called Herbert Prince sets out for a much-needed holiday, and while on the train he is mistaken for Prince Karl Heinrich of Snobbéria. Deciding to have a little fun, Prince stays in character as a royal. Upon arriving in his holiday destination of Waldeck, he is effusively received by the mayor, with whose daughter Prince immediately falls in love. Soon the real prince, Karl Heinrich, reads about the supposedly royal visit and sets off to surprise his doppelganger.
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Original title Prins for en Dag
Danish title Prins for en Dag
Other titles Hans Højhed, Inkognito, Hans Kongelige Højhed
Director Eduard Schnedler-Sørensen
Screenplay Marius Wulff
Director of Photography Carl Ferdinand Fischer
Appearance Carl Alstrup, Lauritz Olsen, Oscar Stribolt, Olga Svendsen
Production country Denmark
Domestic distribution Fotorama
Technical info 825 meter, 35 mm, Normal, Black/white, Silent
Danish theatrical release 11.12.1913
Cinemas Panoptikon
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Production company Nordisk Films Kompagni
Domestic distribution Fotorama


Direction Eduard Schnedler-Sørensen


Script Marius Wulff


Cinematography Carl Ferdinand Fischer


Prins Karl Heinrich/Herbert, journalist Carl Alstrup
Robert Herrick, prinsens ven Lauritz Olsen
Borgmesteren i Waldeck Oscar Stribolt
Borgmesterfruen Olga Svendsen
Grethe, borgmesterdatter Zanny Petersen
Baller, byrådsmedlem Frederik Buch
Appearance Paula Ruff
Appearance Ingeborg Jensen
Appearance Kristian Møllback
Appearance Franz Skondrup
Appearance Agnes Andersen
Appearance Carl Hintz
Appearance Philip Bech
Appearance Bernhard Lehmann
Appearance Betzy Kofoed
Appearance Albert Luther
Appearance Carl Schenstrøm
Appearance Johanne Fritz-Petersen

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