Carl Schenstrøm

(1881 – 1942)

Actor. Born 13/11 1881, deceased 10/4 1942 - 60 years old. Schenstrøm was brought up in an old artist family and was originally trained as a bookbinder. In 1904 he became a student at Nørrebros Teater.

His film debut was at Nordisk Film in 1909 and initially appeared as an extra or in small supporting roles. Schenstrøm had a tall, slender physique. In 1913, he got his first major role in ‘Kæmpedamens Bortførelse’, as the original actor Lauritz Olsen had fallen ill. Schenstrøm kept playing a plethora of supporting roles with just as many directors. In 1914, director Lau Lauritzen caught sight of the tall Schenstrøm and recognized his potential as a comedian. He immediately joined Lau''s main crew of comedic actors, and starred in more than 70 films in the period 1914-19! One of these many farces, ‘De keder sig paa Landet’, featured a pair of vagabonds who would later serve as inspiration for the characters of Pat and Patachon. The tall Pat was of course played by Schenstrøm, with Aage Bendixen playing the short Patachon in ‘Love and Burglars’, the very first Pat and Patachon-film.

In the 1920s and early 30s, Pat and a recast Patachon – Harald Madsen – became a trademark for Danish film. Palladium and Lau Lauritzen achieved great international success with the comedic duo, now also known as Fyrtårnet og Bivognen, Fyrtårnet och Släpvagnen, Long and Short, and Wat and Half-Wat.

Following the death of Patachon in 1949, the couple was very aptly characterized in the paper Nationaltidende: "When the two first came walking hand in hand, on an endless country road that continued from the screen right into the auditorium, it was something completely new (...) The films also had an easy-to-understand moral, and both adults and children sympathized with the nice little "Patachon", who not only fared so pitifully badly in the conflicts with the harsh, calculating world, but was also constantly held down by his own vagabond companion, the sane, lecturing "Pat ", completely oblivious to his own comical nature, thinking it was Patachon’s fault every time the pair was ridiculed. In this interplay between the self-righteous, domineering comic figure and the humble little helper, who, out of sheer eagerness to excuse his existence, does the most uncontrollable stupidities, lay the idea of the couple Pat and Patachon".

After his film career, Schenstrøm acted in the circus revue at Bakken and toured around Sweden with Circus Scott.

Literature: Carl Schenstrøm: Fyrtaarnet fortæller (1943). Hauke Lange-Fuchs (red.): Pat und Patachon (Tyskland, 1979). Marguerite Engberg: Fy & Bi (1980). Lars Nielsen: Carl Schenstrøm Fyrtårnet (1998). Lars Jakobsen: Fyrtårnet og Bivognen (2002).
Filmography Music
Title Year Function Category
Lutter løjer 1957 Appearance Anthology
Fuld af Fiduser 1956 Appearance Anthology
Fy og Bi på Eventyr 1955 Fyrtaarnet Anthology
Glade dage 1954 Appearance Anthology
Her er vi igen 1952 Appearance Anthology
I de gode gamle Dage 1940 Fyrtaarnet DK/Feature
The construction of Palladium Cinema 1938 H.C. Andersen, Direction DK/Documentary
Bleka Greven 1937 Appearance Feature
Pat und Patachon im Paradies 1937 Appearance Feature
Blinde Passagiere 1936 Appearance Feature
Mädchenräuber 1936 Appearance Feature
Knox und die lustigen Vagabonden 1935 Appearance Feature
Med fuld Musik 1933 Fyrtaarnet DK/Feature
Lumpenkavaliere 1932 Fyrtårnet Feature
In the Army 1932 Fyrtaarnet DK/Feature
He, She and Hamlet 1932 Fy, havemand på pigeskole DK/Feature
Long and Short invent the Gunpowder 1931 Fyrtaarnet DK/Feature
William Tell and Son 1930 Fyrtaarnet DK/Feature
Beware of the Girls 1930 Fyrtaarnet DK/Feature
1000 Worte Deutsch 1930 Pat Feature
Clever Cannibals 1929 Fyrtaarnet DK/Feature
Maharadjans magiska mattstump 1929 Bill Feature
Detectives 1929 Fyrtaarnet, avissælger DK/Feature
The Mannequins 1929 Fyrtaarnet DK/Feature
Cocktails 1928 Fy, vagabond Feature
The King of Pelicania 1928 Fyrtaarnet, suffløren DK/Feature
The Film Heroes 1928 Fyrtaarnet DK/Feature
Strength and Beauty 1928 Fyrtaarnet DK/Feature
At the North Sea 1927 Fyrtaarnet DK/Feature
The Thunderstones 1927 Fyrtaarnet DK/Feature
Lykkehjulet 1926 Fyrtaarnet DK/Feature
The demon boxer 1926 Fyrtaarnet DK/Feature
Don Quixote 1926 Don Quixote DK/Feature
The Wolf Hunters 1926 Fyrtaarnet, ulvejægere DK/Feature
Die Schwiegersöhne 1926 Appearance Feature
Ebberöds Bank 1926 Tadeus, skrædderelev Feature
Millionaires 1925 Fyrtaarnet DK/Feature
The Bilberries 1925 Fyrtaarnet DK/Feature
Zwei Vagabunden im Prater 1925 Fyrtårnet Feature
Polis Paulus'' Påskasmäll 1925 Lunken Feature
Luck 1924 Fyrtaarnet DK/Feature
The smugglers 1924 Fyrtaarnet DK/Feature
At the Mediterranian 1924 Fyrtaarnet DK/Feature
The mill 1924 Fyrtaarnet DK/Feature
Can love be cured? 1923 Fyrtaarnet DK/Feature
The Refound Daughter 1923 Fyrtaarnet, omrejsende fotograf DK/Feature
The run-away bride 1923 Fyrtaarnet DK/Feature
Lodgers of Seventh Heaven 1923 Fyrtaarnet, sprællemandsfabrikant DK/Feature
We''re Coming Back 1922 Appearance DK/Commercial
He, She, and Hamlet 1922 Fyrtaarnet, havemand på pigeskole DK/Feature
Among merry musicians 1922 Fyrtaarnet, lirekassemand DK/Feature
Landligger - Idyl - Vandgang 1922 Fyrtaarnet DK/Feature
Sun, summer and students 1922 Fyrtaarnet DK/Feature
Hans Kones Mand 1922 En frier DK/Short fiction
Film, flirt and film stars 1921 Fyrtaarnet DK/Feature
Love and Burglars 1921 Fyrtaarnet Feature
Ungkarleliv 1921 Knast, pebersvend DK/Feature
Harems-Mystik 1921 Svane, journalist DK/Feature
Hans Ungdomsbrud 1921 Appearance DK/Short fiction
Silkesstrumpan 1921 Alfred, Amandas kavaler Feature
The Chicken Chaser 1921 Appearance DK/Short fiction
Our mutual friend I-II 1921 Appearance DK/Feature
De keder sig paa Landet 1920 Appearance DK/Short fiction
The Racer 1920 Stage, kapløber DK/Short fiction
Jeg elsker Dem, Tusnelda 1920 Brumberg DK/Short fiction
Be mine - for tomorrow 1920 Nicolaus Persson DK/Short fiction
Atlantas Knaldsucces 1920 Appearance DK/Short fiction
Hun fik ham ikke 1920 Hans P. Langben DK/Short fiction
The lost baby 1920 Appearance DK/Short fiction
Den lille Don Juan 1920 Appearance DK/Short fiction
Den fattige Millionær 1920 Elses fætter DK/Feature
De Nygifte 1920 Appearance DK/Short fiction
Den standhaftige Spillemand 1920 Appearance DK/Short fiction
The penalty of fame 1920 Appearance DK/Feature
The Heart Thief 1919 Appearance DK/Feature
Manden, der gøer 1919 Bønne, forbryderspire DK/Short fiction
The Blackleg 1919 Appearance DK/Short fiction
Hot on the Trail 1919 Appearance DK/Short fiction
Har været med et Brev i Postkassen 1919 Appearance DK/Short fiction
Nelly''s Knights 1919 Sivertsen, pebersvend DK/Short fiction
Nalles Børnehave 1919 Peter Daudi DK/Short fiction
Den store Gevinst 1919 Løjbjerg, filosof DK/Short fiction
Et nydeligt Trekløver 1919 Appearance DK/Short fiction
Football Calamities 1919 Appearance DK/Short fiction
The Master Hypnotist 1919 Krillesen, hypnotisør DK/Short fiction
Byens Herkules 1919 Baron Snabel DK/Feature
Han vil til Filmen 1919 Appearance DK/Short fiction
Den Sømand han maa lide 1919 Appearance DK/Short fiction
Kærlighed og Lotteri 1919 Appearance DK/Short fiction
En kriminel Historie 1919 Appearance DK/Short fiction
The wages of virtue 1919 Appearance DK/Feature
Med og uden Kone 1919 Nikolaj, Thusneldas kæreste DK/Short fiction
Mælkemandens Hest 1919 Appearance DK/Short fiction
Hendes Mands Forlovede 1919 Appearance DK/Feature
Kærlighed overvinder Alt 1919 Appearance DK/Feature
The mute 1919 Appearance DK/Feature
Towards the Light 1919 Djævelen DK/Feature
The Parvenu 1919 Appearance DK/Feature
Damernes Ridder 1918 Grosserer Fjong DK/Short fiction
Hjerteknuseren 1918 Theobald Smit, Kalles halvfætter DK/Feature
Hatten med skatten 1918 Appearance DK/Short fiction
Da Tøffelhelten generalstrejkede 1918 Appearance DK/Short fiction
Bunkebryllup 1918 Appearance DK/Short fiction
She Writes on a Machine 1918 Baron Rollmops DK/Short fiction
Reservestatisten 1918 Appearance DK/Short fiction
The Henpecked Husband’s Birthday 1918 Appearance DK/Short fiction
En moderne Landevejsridder 1918 Appearance DK/Feature
En uheldig Tyveknægt 1918 Appearance DK/Short fiction
His Phony Son 1918 Appearance DK/Short fiction
Hendes stille Sværmeri 1918 Appearance DK/Short fiction
Ansigtet i Floden 1918 Appearance DK/Feature
Dance Frenzy 1917 Appearance DK/Short fiction
Diskenspringeren 1917 Langemand, galaterihandler DK/Short fiction
Ung og forelsket 1917 Grosserer Jacob DK/Feature
En tro og villig Pige 1917 Appearance DK/Short fiction
Askepot 1917 Appearance DK/Short fiction
Et fremmeligt Barn 1917 Appearance DK/Short fiction
En munter Klinik 1916 Appearance DK/Short fiction
Den værdifulde Husassistent 1916 Appearance DK/Short fiction
Oh! That Cheese! 1916 Jonathan, Davids værelseskammerat DK/Short fiction
The trumpeter and the author 1916 Appearance DK/Short fiction
En dejlig Dag 1916 Appearance DK/Short fiction
En landlig Uskyldighed 1916 Appearance DK/Short fiction
The little film actress 1916 Appearance DK/Feature
The Love Potion 1916 Appearance DK/Short fiction
Room No. 17 1916 Appearance DK/Feature
Trolden i Æsken 1916 Appearance DK/Short fiction
The Umbrella Shop 1916 Pastor Pipp DK/Short fiction
Det bertillonske System 1916 Appearance DK/Short fiction
Den hvide Djævel 1916 Appearance DK/Feature
The Great Jewel Robbery 1916 Appearance DK/Feature
The mid-night sun 1916 Minearbejder DK/Feature
Mr. Young''s love affair 1915 Naalemann DK/Short fiction
His new grey trousers 1915 Adam Brink, skuespiller DK/Short fiction
Oh! Oh! Suzanne 1915 Kunstmaler Tønnes DK/Short fiction
The Wrong Man 1915 Appearance DK/Short fiction
She would be a scout 1915 Gert Pille, apotekersøn DK/Short fiction
Fred as a debutante 1915 Balle, skuespiller DK/Short fiction
A honeymoon joke 1915 Appearance DK/Short fiction
Det blaa Vidunder 1915 Gustav Kick DK/Short fiction
En Kone søges 1915 Appearance DK/Short fiction
En Vandgang 1915 Løjtnant Piphans, Idas anden tilbeder DK/Short fiction
Ada''s hero 1915 Magister Bugge, Krabbes ungdomsven DK/Short fiction
Peter''s wife''s mother 1915 Appearance DK/Short fiction
Uniformens Magt 1915 Appearance DK/Short fiction
Naughty boy 1915 Læreren DK/Short fiction
Trold kan tæmmes 1915 Appearance DK/Feature
The Candle and the Moth 1915 Appearance DK/Feature
Kampen om Barnet 1915 Krogæst DK/Feature
Den kulørte Slavehandler 1914 Professor Haase DK/Feature
None could resist 1914 Spill, pebersvend DK/Short fiction
The applicant 1914 Appearance DK/Short fiction
The sweep will call to-morrow 1914 Appearance DK/Short fiction
Endelig alene 1914 Appearance DK/Feature
The Woman with the Red Hair 1914 Grev von Warden DK/Feature
A Welcome Lodger 1914 Appearance DK/Short fiction
The adventures of the millionaire''s son 1914 Professor Sihm DK/Feature
Without a country 1914 Appearance DK/Feature
The escaped anarchist 1914 Appearance DK/Short fiction
The Convict''s Son 1914 Appearance DK/Feature
Stop thief! 1914 Appearance DK/Short fiction
Jens Daglykke 1914 Appearance DK/Short fiction
Love''s Devotee 1914 Døden DK/Feature
Amors Krogveje 1914 Appearance DK/Short fiction
The Fatal Three 1914 Appearance DK/Feature
The Golden Calf 1914 Appearance DK/Feature
The Outcast 1914 Appearance DK/Feature
Min Ven Levy 1914 Appearance DK/Short fiction
The eternal barrier 1914 Appearance DK/Feature
Fred As Soldier 1913 Appearance DK/Short fiction
Bøffen og Bananen 1913 Appearance DK/Short fiction
Kæmpedamens Bortførelse 1913 Appearance DK/Short fiction
Døvstummelegatet 1913 Appearance DK/Feature
The Sacrifice 1913 Appearance DK/Short fiction
The secret of the bureau 1913 Appearance DK/Feature
His Highness, The Prince 1913 Appearance DK/Feature
The Vampire Dancer 1912 Appearance DK/Short fiction
Brilliantstjernen 1912 Appearance DK/Short fiction
The prodigal''s return 1912 Appearance DK/Short fiction
In a Den of Lions 1912 Appearance DK/Feature
Historien om en Moder 1912 Appearance DK/Feature
The Love of the Gypsy Girl 1911 Appearance DK/Short fiction
A Victim of the Mormons 1911 Larssons mormonven DK/Feature
The Black Hood 1911 Politibetjent DK/Feature
In the Hands of Imposters 1911 Grev X DK/Feature
A False Alarm 1910 Appearance DK/Short fiction
Lattermaskinen 1910 Appearance DK/Short fiction
Peder Tordenskjold 1910 Appearance DK/Short fiction
Samvittighedens Stemme 1910 Appearance DK/Short fiction
The Child as Benefactor 1909 Værtshusgæst DK/Short fiction
Master of the Jemmy Dick Smith, opdager DK/Short fiction
A sweet deceiver Appearance DK/Short fiction
Meyer og Frue paa Lystrejse Appearance DK/Short fiction
I Karnevalstiden Appearance DK/Short fiction
Revolveren Appearance DK/Short fiction
The girl of his heart Appearance DK/Short fiction
Skarpretterens Søn Appearance DK/Short fiction