In the Army

Lau Lauritzen Sr., Denmark, 1932

99 min.DK/FeatureComedySilent films

While enjoying a glorious summer’s day at the beach, Pat and Patachon meet the beautiful Mona, whom they both fall in love with. However, they’re soon given something else to think about when they’re drafted into the armed forces and sent to a cantonment. The two friends struggle to find their place among the other soldiers, and they get into all sorts of escapades. One day, fate lends a helping hand when the company take up residence on a farm in North Zealand, where the two friends discover, to their delight, that this is where Mona lives.
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Original title I Kantonnement
Danish title I Kantonnement
International titles Schritt und Tritt, Kärlek, kiv och krigarliv
Other titles Fy og Bi i Kantonnement
Director Lau Lauritzen Sr.
Screenplay Lau Lauritzen Sr., Alice O'Fredericks, Lau Lauritzen Jr.
Director of Photography Carlo Bentsen, Lau Lauritzen Jr.
Appearance Carl Schenstrøm, Harald Madsen, Mona Mårtenson, Erling Schroeder
Production country Denmark
Domestic distribution Film-Centralen-Palladium
Technical info 2835 meter, 35 mm, Black/white, Silent
Danish theatrical release 28.03.1932
Cinemas World Cinema
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Production company Palladium
Domestic distribution Film-Centralen-Palladium


Direction Lau Lauritzen Sr.


Script Lau Lauritzen Sr.
Script Alice O'Fredericks
Script Lau Lauritzen Jr.


Executive producer Svend Nielsen


Cinematography Carlo Bentsen
Cinematography Lau Lauritzen Jr.


Fyrtaarnet Carl Schenstrøm
Bivognen Harald Madsen
Den unge pige Mona Mårtenson
Den unge piges ven Erling Schroeder
Tanten Olga Svendsen
Obersten Anton de Verdier
Kaptajnen Christian Schrøder
Sergenten Einar Juhl
Teologen Alex Suhr
Pyroman Johannes Andresen
Pyroman Christen Møller
Sognefogeden Jørgen Lund
Menig Asbjørn Andersen
Menig Henry Nielsen
Menig Poul Reichhardt
Menig Einar Bjørkmann
Menig og mand der mister badedragt Emil Hass Christensen
Befalingsmand og mand der mister badedr. Bruno Tyron
Badepige Gerda Neumann

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