Beware of the Girls

Lau Lauritzen Sr., Denmark, 1930

88 min.DK/FeatureComedySilent films

On a high-speed train heading towards the capital, Director Brown’s two young daughters become acquainted with Pat and Patachon. The two friends are in search of work, and when it turns out that they’re headed towards Director Brown’s company, the Brown daughters immediately promise to put in a good word for their two new friends. However, the director receives Pat and Patachon with much suspicion, and they must undergo many trials and a thrilling ride in a motorboat before they succeed in making a good impression on the director.
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Original title Pas paa Pigerne
Danish title Pas paa Pigerne
International titles Snurriga Sjömans Sommarskräll, Pat und Patachon auf Freierfüssen, Aus freier füssen
Director Lau Lauritzen Sr.
Screenplay Lau Lauritzen Sr., Lau Lauritzen Jr., Alice O'Fredericks
Director of Photography Carlo Bentsen, Einar Olsen, Lau Lauritzen Jr.
Composer Sven Gyldmark
Appearance Carl Schenstrøm, Harald Madsen, Christian Schrøder, Marguerite Viby
Production country Denmark
Domestic distribution Film-Centralen-Palladium
Technical info 2600 meter, 35 mm, 1,33:1, Silent
Danish theatrical release 26.12.1930
Cinemas World Cinema
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Production company Palladium
Domestic distribution Film-Centralen-Palladium


Direction Lau Lauritzen Sr.


Script Lau Lauritzen Sr.
Script Lau Lauritzen Jr.
Script Alice O'Fredericks


Executive producer Svend Nielsen


Cinematography Carlo Bentsen
Cinematography Einar Olsen
Cinematography Lau Lauritzen Jr.


Music Sven Gyldmark


Fyrtaarnet Carl Schenstrøm
Bivognen Harald Madsen
Direktøren Christian Schrøder
Direktørens datter Marguerite Viby
Direktørens datter Lili Lani
En ung herre Erling Schroeder
En ung herre Edouard Mielche
Kammertjeneren Alex Suhr
Sekretæren Juliette Brandt
En indbrudstyv Poul Guldager
En indbrudstyv Aage Bendixen
En vandrefugl Christian Arhoff
En vandrefugl Arthur Jensen
Appearance Ib Schønberg
Togpassager Lau Lauritzen Jr.
Kontordame Alice O'Fredericks

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