The King of Pelicania

Valdemar Andersen, Denmark, 1928

110 min.DK/FeatureFairy tale, ComedySilent films

Princess Lola has been exiled from her native Pelicania after one of her relatives usurped the throne. She is now the celebrated prima donna of the Revue Theatre, arousing rapturous applause from audiences night after night. However, the princess has her most devoted admirers behind the scenes. The young theatre doctor Ove Helmer loves her, and our two old friends, Pat and Patachon – one now a prompter at the theatre, the other a make-up artist – regard her with the warmest affection. When the princess finally gets the opportunity to return to her native Pelicania, Pat and Patachon are eager to come along to help her assert her position. As things progress, Patachon's striking resemblance to the country’s king has unexpected consequences.
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Original title Kongen af Pelikanien
Danish title Kongen af Pelikanien
International titles Der König von Pelikanien, Pat und Patachon in Pelikanien, Raska räddares rådighet
Director Valdemar Andersen
Screenplay Valdemar Andersen
Director of Photography Valdemar Christensen, Carlo Bentsen
Appearance Carl Schenstrøm, Harald Madsen, Elisabeth Frederiksen, Gorm Schmidt
Production country Denmark
Domestic distribution Film-Centralen-Palladium
Technical info 2230 meter, 35 mm, 1,33:1, tinted, Silent
Danish theatrical release 17.08.1928
Cinemas Metropolteatret
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Production company Palladium
Domestic distribution Film-Centralen-Palladium


Direction Valdemar Andersen


Script Valdemar Andersen


Cinematography Valdemar Christensen
Cinematography Carlo Bentsen


Fyrtaarnet, suffløren Carl Schenstrøm
Bivognen, sminkøren Harald Madsen
Prinsesse Lola Elisabeth Frederiksen
Ove Helmer, teaterlæge Gorm Schmidt
Kathinka, påklæderske Marie Brink
Regissøren Lauritz Olsen
Kong Rames af Pelikanien Karl Jørgensen
Javild, rigsrådets præsident Carl Thomsen
Limb, adjudant Henry Schmidt
Kern, officer Poul Jensen
Lucy, hofdame Gudrun Bruun Stephensen
Alberts, slotsforvalter William Bewer
En hof-assistent Aase Jacobsen
Appearance Christian Engelstoft

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