Gorm Schmidt

(1897 – 1957)

Danish actor born December 29 1897, died September 29 1957. In 1918, he began his acting career at the Copenhagen Betty Nansen theatre. The same year, he made his début as a silent film actor in the film company Astra''s "Skæbnesvangre Vildfarelser" (1918) directed by Fritz Magnussen. He made his breakthrough with the title role in Nordisk Film Kompagni''s "David Copperfield" (1922) directed by A.W. Sandberg.

Title Year Function Category
Fy og Bi på Eventyr 1955 Appearance Anthology
The King of Pelicania 1928 Ove Helmer, teaterlæge DK/Feature
The Friend from Springfield 1927 Laurent, Pariserkorrespondent DK/Feature
Die Schwiegersöhne 1926 Appearance Feature
The Wolf Hunters 1926 Poul Lind DK/Feature
Copenhagen’s Sherlock Holmes 1925 Kai Ørn, arkitekt DK/Feature
Luck 1924 Bent, journalist DK/Feature
The Hill Park Mystery 1923 Erik Brandt, politireporter DK/Feature
On the Stroke of Midnight 1923 Erik, Grev Braas søn DK/Feature
The Refound Daughter 1923 Erik DK/Feature
Can love be cured? 1923 Botanik-Petersen DK/Feature
The run-away bride 1923 Per Hammer DK/Feature
Lodgers of Seventh Heaven 1923 Fabrikantens søn DK/Feature
David Copperfield 1922 David Copperfield som voksen DK/Feature
Among merry musicians 1922 Jørgen Jessen, direktørens søn DK/Feature
Film, flirt and film stars 1921 Sønnen DK/Feature
Fatal Delusions 1918 Louis Froment, maler DK/Feature