Copenhagen’s Sherlock Holmes

Aage Falck-Rasmussen, Denmark, 1925

100 min.DK/FeatureDetective movies, DramaSilent films

Karen Wang and her beloved Kai Ørn live happily together. However, just as he’s about to propose, a serpent slithers into the paradise: Viggo Eibye, who’s a bad man, also wants to marry Karen. For financial reasons, she says yes to the marriage, but before the wedding day, Viggo Eibye dies in mysterious circumstances. Wang and Ørn are suspected, and two men are put on the case – the brusque detective Engberg and a cunning reporter, who may be able to explain how these cases are actually intertwined.

Karen Wang is played by Karen Winther, who in the course of a mere six-year career managed to make a name for herself in several roles in A.W. Sandberg’s films, including David Copperfield (1922), and in several farces by Lau Lauritzen. However, she’s best known to posterity for her role as a witch in Benjamin Christensen’s masterpiece Häxan (which translates as The Witch, from 1922). In 1925, the actress’ career ended abruptly when she was diagnosed with pernicious anaemia.
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Original title Københavns Sherlock Holmes
Danish title Københavns Sherlock Holmes
International titles Der kopenhagener Sherlock Holmes
Other titles Mysteriet på den gamle fabrik, Mysteriet paa den gamle Fabrik
Director Aage Falck-Rasmussen
Screenplay Aage Falck-Rasmussen
Director of Photography Carlo Bentsen
Appearance Karen Winther, Philip Bech, Gorm Schmidt, Svend Melsing
Production country Denmark
Domestic distribution Dansk-Svensk Film
Technical info 2270 meter, 35 mm, Black/white, Silent
Danish theatrical release 30.11.1925
Cinemas Metropolteatret
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Production company Palladium
Domestic distribution Dansk-Svensk Film


Direction Aage Falck-Rasmussen


Script Aage Falck-Rasmussen


Cinematography Carlo Bentsen


Karen Wang Karen Winther
Veksellerer Wang Philip Bech
Kai Ørn, arkitekt Gorm Schmidt
Viggo Eibye Svend Melsing
Ivan Wang Jørgen Falck-Rasmussen
Engberg, politimand Sigurd Langberg
Tobias, professor i botanik Holger Pedersen
Appearance Carl Petersen

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