Naughty boy

Lau Lauritzen Sr., Denmark, 1915

13 min.DK/Short fictionComedy, FarceSilent films

A stingy uncle is taught a lesson when he is tricked into adopting a grown man instead of a ten-year-old kid. When aspiring poet Karl King is engaged to ballerina Mimi, he falls into disfavour with his benefactor: his uncle. The uncle threatens to adopt an orphan boy as an heir instead. However, in a comic plot, King’s adult brother-in-law takes on the role of a ten-year-old adopted son and displays his most mischievous side!
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Original title En slem Dreng
Danish title En slem Dreng
Other titles En fattig Digter
Director Lau Lauritzen Sr.
Screenplay Valdemar Andersen
Director of Photography Frederik Fuglsang
Appearance Lauritz Olsen, Gyda Aller, Oscar Stribolt, Henny Lauritzen
Production country Denmark
Technical info 386 meter, 35 mm, Silent
Danish theatrical release 12.09.1915
Cinemas Biograf-Theatret
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Production company Nordisk Films Kompagni


Direction Lau Lauritzen Sr.


Script Valdemar Andersen


Cinematography Frederik Fuglsang


Karl King, forfatter Lauritz Olsen
Frøken Mimi, Karl kæreste Gyda Aller
Brumberg, Karls onkel Oscar Stribolt
Fru Brumberg Henny Lauritzen
"Drengen" Frederik Buch
Læreren Carl Schenstrøm
Appearance Julie Henriksen

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