Just a little

Alicja Jaworski Björk, Sweden, 2011

9 min.DK/Short fiction

It was the first warm spring day. Little Pig felt happy and decided to go to the lake for a swim. On the way, she meets a hedgehog with very few quills, a crow with a very long bill, a green lamb and a calf with lots of white spots. None of them looked like the "ordinary" of their kind and was therefore lonely. They all join Little Pig to go swimming. When they reach the lake, they help a toad out of a difficult situation and each gets one wish fulfilled by the toad.
Basic information Credits Festivals & awards
Original title Bara lite
Danish title En Lille Smule
Other titles Just a little
Keywords Loneliness, Friendship, Different
Director Alicja Jaworski Björk
Screenplay Alicja Jaworski Björk
Producer Clas Cederholm
Production country Sweden
Dialogue language Danish
Production companies PennFilm Studio AB
Online release 01.04.2014, Filmstriben
Danish rating Allowed for all


Production companies PennFilm Studio AB
Co-producer Film i Skåne
With support from Det Danske Filminstitut


Direction Alicja Jaworski Björk


Screenplay Alicja Jaworski Björk


Producer Clas Cederholm
Co-producer Joakim Strand


Still photographer Piotr Jaworski


Music Magnus Dahlberg
Mixer Olle Tannergård
Sound engineer Olle Tannergård


Pindsvin Maude Cantoreggi
Kalv Maude Cantoreggi
Gris Sissela Benn
Krage Harald Leander
Fortæller Harald Leander
Lam Sissela Benn


Animation Alicja Jaworski Björk
Animation Peter Jando

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