The voice of life

Anne Holst Moulvad, Denmark, 2009

97 min.DK/Documentary

A documentary about a man and his project, a movie about leadership, social heredity, fantastic voices and a firm will.
On the moors of Jutland conductor Mads Bille has established one of Denmark s best international choirs with boys from all walks of life. Normally a project like this would include a very big city, but a single fiery soul is all it takes.
For a couple of years the film crew has followed Herning Kirkes Drengekor (Herning Church Boys Choir). The choir is Denmark s largest supplier of song talents for the academies of music and the Opera Academy. Conductor Mads Bille finds the potential choir boys in the schools third forms, and the boys often stay in the choir for more than 10 years. Very few of the boys have a high social standing.
Conductor Mads Bille insists that talent can be found everywhere. It is just a matter of providing the basis for the talents to unfold. It is not about heredity, but about environment. Whether the boys have a psychogenic disease, are trouble-makers or come from families with no ear for music, the most important thing is that they have a gift for singing.
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Original title En stemme for livet
Danish title En stemme for livet
Keywords Bille, Mads, Music, Choir, Social heritage, Social conditions, Socially vulnerable
Director Anne Holst Moulvad
Screenplay Anne Holst Moulvad
Producer Anne Holst Moulvad
Director of Photography Kim Kvist, Mogens Lyngsø, Rasmus Paulsen, Olav Helms, Henrik Schiøth
Editor Jens Svenning, Kiko Sjöberg, Thomas Engell
Sound Claus Klok, Søren Borg
Appearances Mads Bille
Production country Denmark
Production company NovaMedia Film (Midt- og Vestjysk Mediefond)
Domestic distribution NovaMedia Film (Midt- og Vestjysk Mediefond)
Danish theatrical release 07.05.2009
Cinemas i 15 biografer i provinsen
Danish rating Allowed for all


Production company NovaMedia Film (Midt- og Vestjysk Mediefond)
Domestic distribution NovaMedia Film (Midt- og Vestjysk Mediefond)


Direction Anne Holst Moulvad


Script Anne Holst Moulvad


Production Anne Holst Moulvad
Producer Anne Holst Moulvad


Director of photography Hans Trier Vittarp
Director of photography Jens Kolding
Cinematographer Kim Kvist
Cinematographer Mogens Lyngsø
Cinematographer Rasmus Paulsen
Cinematographer Olav Helms
Cinematographer Henrik Schiøth


Editing Jens Svenning
Editing Kiko Sjöberg
Editing Thomas Engell


Sound Claus Klok
Sound Søren Borg
Sound mixer Claus Klok


Appearance Mads Bille

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