A Stone in Our Heart

Jette Bitten Glibstrup, Denmark, 2018

59 min.DK/Documentary

A Mother and Daughter – Lillian and Jette – are climbing up a mountain in Switzerland. A mountain that brings back a lot of memories.

They hike from cabin to cabin while they dig into a past which Lillian has spent many years trying to suppress: Jette was sexually abused by her stepfather throughout her childhood and youth. A part of the abuse took place in the same cabins that Jette and Lillian are now revisiting.

Jette has invited her mother to go on this trip because she needs to talk about what happened, and especially about Lillian’s role in it all. Jette loves her mother, but at the same time she can’t stand being close to her. Over the years Jette has begun to question whether her mother knew about the abuse or not. Naturally Jette feels a deep frustration. But she has a strong hope that if Lillian admits she knew about the abuse, Jette can find an opportunity to forgive her mother and reestablish a healthy relationship.
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Original title En sten i vores hjerte
Danish title En sten i vores hjerte
Other titles A Stone in Our Heart
Director Jette Bitten Glibstrup
Producer Julie Friis Walenciak
Director of Photography Lis Dyre
Editor Julius Krebs Damsbo
Composer Frederik Schjoldan, Bo Rande
Appearances Jette Bitten Glibstrup, Lillian Glibstrup
Production country Denmark
Production companies Walenciak Film
Danish theatrical release 04.01.2018


Production companies Walenciak Film
With support from DR, Filmværkstedet/København, Susi & Peter Robinsohns fond


Direction Jette Bitten Glibstrup


Producer Julie Friis Walenciak


Cinematographer Lis Dyre


Editor Julius Krebs Damsbo


Composer Frederik Schjoldan
Composer Bo Rande


Sound Sune Kaarsberg


Appearance Jette Bitten Glibstrup
Appearance Lillian Glibstrup

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