Phie Ambo, Denmark, 2010

15 min.DK/Documentary

Fever guides us into the incredibly detailed universe of illustrator Julie Nord, where small girls in pretty dresses have houses in their bellies, and where chimney smoke turns into phantasmagoric patterns of mouths and hands, cats and bones. A work is created, and doubt is sewn. When is a work complete? Julie Nord is sharing her creative reflections with us through the unobtrusive presence of Ambo's camera. A small bird ends up making all the difference as yet a beautiful, new work is finished. Nord's perfectionism is impressive in its minute detail and vast scope, and 'Fever' is a guided tour through the mind of a uniquely gifted artist.
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Original title Fever
Danish title Fever
Keywords Nord, Julie, Artists, Art exhibitions, Danish painting, Denmark, 2010-2019
Director Phie Ambo
Producer Mille Haynes
Director of Photography Phie Ambo
Editor Nanna Frank Møller
Sound Rasmus Winther Jensen
Composer Sanna Salmenkallio
Production country Denmark
Dialogue language Danish
Production company Danish Documentary Production
International sales
Technical info color, Sound
TV release 29.07.2010, TV 2
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Production company Danish Documentary Production


Direction Phie Ambo


Producer Mille Haynes


Cinematography Phie Ambo


Editing Nanna Frank Møller


Music Sanna Salmenkallio


Sound Rasmus Winther Jensen


Animation Torben Søttrup

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