Mille Haynes

Title Year Function Category
There is a Border in My Backyard 2021 Producer, Executive producer DK/Documentary
Doel 2018 Editing supervisor DK/Documentary
Rehearsal Night 2017 Producer DK/Documentary
En rød løber for Asta Nielsen 2016 Creative producer DK/Documentary
Hugland 2016 Consultant DK/Documentary
Mig og min far - hvem fanden gider klappe? 2014 Producer, Screenplay DK/Documentary
Satellit 2013 Producer DK/Short fiction
Expedition to the End of the World 2013 Producer's assistant, Production assistant DK/Documentary
Ballerina 2012 Producer, Voice over manuscript DK/Documentary
Free the Mind 2012 Producer's assistant DK/Documentary
The Good Life 2011 Producer's assistant DK/Documentary
Love addict - historier om drømme, besættelse og længsel 2011 Casting, Producer's assistant DK/Documentary
Fever 2010 Producer DK/Documentary