Born to Prison?

Denmark, 2017

128 min.TV documentary

''Born to prison'' is a serie of documentaries about the charismatic lawyer Erbil Kaya and 3 of his young criminal clients. Through a year we follow Kasper, Djoanna and Mickeys and their battle trying to leave a criminal life behind. A rough childhood, continues wrong choices and a dirty record, is the brutal facts that these young people will have to fight on their way to a more safe an legal future.
Despite their heavy load there is still some light ahead for the 3 young people.
But it will require an enormous will-power to overcome the challenge it is to escape from the environment and people, who have made you the person you are, and to navigate in a system that only see you as a criminal teenager.
How do you get the motivation for an education and a real job when you don’t have any clue where to start, and at the same time have a growing debt from lost court-cases.
How do you restart your life when new law-suits makes it an easy choice just to go back to the criminal life your trying to escape from?
Basic information Credits
Original title Født til fængsel?
Danish title Født til fængsel?
Keywords Denmark, Young criminals, Criminals, Young people, Punishment
Editor Malene Lykke Dreyer
Composer Tobias Niemann Brix
Appearance Erbil Kaya, Mickey, Djoanna, Kasper
Production country Denmark
TV release 04.01.2017
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Production company
Executive Producer Strong Productions
Co-production TV2 Danmark
With support from Public Service Puljen


TV2 editor Nikolaj Daugberg
Executive producer Sune Klingsey
Post Producer Tue Rye Christensen
Production manager Rikke Kjølsen
Organizer Esben Busck
Organizer Thomas Krogh
Organizer Louise Stjerne Klitgaard


Editor Malene Lykke Dreyer


Composer Tobias Niemann Brix


Sound: post-production Niels David Rønsholdt

Visual effects

VFX producer Kristian Kryger
Colourist Dan Konzior
Graphic design Sabrina Nielsen


Advokat Erbil Kaya
Appearance Mickey
Appearance Djoanna
Appearance Kasper

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