Street of Darkness

120 min.TV documentary

For decades, the area around Istedgade in Inner Vesterbro in Copenhagen has served as the gritty setting for Denmark’s largest open drug scene. The documentary series Street of Darkness depicts the lives of three people who live on the streets with drug addiction: 46-year-old Mette, 25-year-old Danny and 34-year-old Wesley. Through observational social reportage and interviews, the series portrays their everyday life and daily struggle with drug addiction over two years of filming. The three main characters tell their own life stories, focusing on the childhood traumas and failures that made them seek life on the streets.
Basic information Credits
Original title Gaden
Danish title Gaden
Keywords 2010-2019, Copenhagen, Vesterbro, Substance abuse
Director Christian Voldborg Andersen, Ole Tornbjerg
Screenplay Ole Tornbjerg, Thomas Ravn
Producer Ole Tornbjerg
Director of Photography Christian Voldborg Andersen, Per Fredrik Skiöld, Katrine Hornnes, Simon Mouridsen, Johan Lauridsen, Christian Nees van Hauen, Henrik Bohn Ipsen
Editor Thomas Ravn
Composer Kaspar Kaae
Production country Denmark
Domestic distribution TV2
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Production company
Executive Producer Impact TV ApS
With support from Public Service Puljen
Domestic distribution TV2


Direction Christian Voldborg Andersen
Direction Ole Tornbjerg


Screenplay Ole Tornbjerg
Screenplay Thomas Ravn


Producer Ole Tornbjerg
Executive producer Thomas Heurlin
TV2 editor Liv Michelsen
Organizer Christian Voldborg Andersen
Organizer Katrine Hornnes
Editorial board Katrine W. Kjær
Editorial board Rebecca Aller
Editorial board Emma Pedersen
Editorial board Astrid Kretzschmar Løkke
Production manager Louise Scheibye
Technical coodinator Julie Jepsen
Technical coodinator Isac Mukul Barslev
Technical coodinator Rasmus Flensborg


Cinematographer Christian Voldborg Andersen
Cinematographer Per Fredrik Skiöld
Cinematographer Katrine Hornnes
Cinematographer Simon Mouridsen
Cinematographer Johan Lauridsen
Cinematographer Christian Nees van Hauen
Cinematographer Henrik Bohn Ipsen


Editor Thomas Ravn


Composer Kaspar Kaae
Singing Liva Møller Overgaard


Sound Jais Kringelbach

Visual effects

Graphic design Rasmus Lange
Colourist Mikkel Aude

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