Die Braut vom Daalenhof

Carl Th. Dreyer, Norway, 1926

115 min.Feature

Tore, son of a poor farmer, loves Berit, daughter of a rich one, but she is promised by her father to another man whom she does not love and whom she refuses to marry. Injured in a fall from her horse while running away, and cast out by her father, Berit is cared for by Tore's parents until a reconciliation is effected through the intervention of the parson. So the marriage takes place, but not before Tore, subjected to a revenge plot by his furious rival, has had to make a hazardous crossing of the river on horseback and by swimming the rapids (Excerpt from "The Cinema of Carl Dreyer" by Tom Milne, published 1971).
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Danish title Glomdalsbruden
Other titles Die Braut vom Daalenhof, The bride of Glomdal
Director Carl Th. Dreyer
Screenplay Carl Th. Dreyer
Director of Photography Einar Olsen
Production designer Jens Wang
Appearances Einar Sissener, Stub Wiberg, Tove Tellback, Harald Stormoen
Production country Norway
Subtitles No
Audio description No
Production companies Victoria-Film (Oslo)
Domestic distribution Dansk-Svensk Film
Technical info 1393, 35 mm, 1,33:1, Black/white, Silent
Danish theatrical release 15.04.1926
Cinemas Palads Urpremiere 1/1 1926 i Admiral Palads og Carl Johan-teatret, Oslo.


Production companies Victoria-Film (Oslo)
Domestic distribution Dansk-Svensk Film


Direction Carl Th. Dreyer


Script Carl Th. Dreyer


Cinematography Einar Olsen

Production design

Production design Jens Wang


Tore Braaten Einar Sissener
Ola Glomgaarden Stub Wiberg
Berit Glomgaarden Tove Tellback
Jakob Braaten Harald Stormoen
Kari Braaten, Jakobs hustru Alfhild Stormoen
Berger Haugsett Oscar Larsen
Gjermund, Bergers søn Einar Tveito
Præsten Rasmus Rasmussen
Præstefruen Sofie Reimers
"Gammel-Guri" Julie Lampe

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