Blind Justice

Benjamin Christensen, Denmark, 1916

106 min.DK/FeatureDrama, Thriller, Crime filmSilent films

On New Year's Eve, the convicted murderer, Strong Henry, escapes from prison and collects his son from the orphanage. When he breaks into a local manor to get some milk for his child, he is surprised by a young woman, Eva. Out of pity, she decides to help the stranger, but unfortunately some of the manor's other occupants wake up and call the police. 14 years later, Henry is released from prison. Convinced that Eva betrayed him, he sets out to take revenge and find his son.
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Original title Hævnens Nat
Danish title Hævnens Nat
International titles Rache, Die Nacht der Rache, Das Geheimnis der Villa Friedenhort, La nuit de la vengeance, Hämndens natt, Hevnens nat, De nacht der wraak
Director Benjamin Christensen
Screenplay Benjamin Christensen
Director of Photography Johan Ankerstjerne
Production designer Hjalmar Klæbel
Appearance Benjamin Christensen, Karen Sandberg, Peter Fjelstrup, Jon Iversen
Production country Denmark
Technical info 2153 meter, 35 mm, Normal, Black/white, Silent
Danish theatrical release 25.09.1916
Cinemas Palads
Danish rating Allowed for all
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Production company Dansk Biograf Compagni


Direction Benjamin Christensen


Script Benjamin Christensen


Production Benjamin Christensen


Cinematography Johan Ankerstjerne

Production design

Production design Hjalmar Klæbel


"Stærke Henry" / "Strong John" Benjamin Christensen
Eva / Ann Karen Sandberg
Appearance Peter Fjelstrup
Appearance Jon Iversen
Appearance Fritz Lamprecht
Appearance Marie Pio
Appearance Jørgen Lund
Appearance Charles Wilken
Appearance Ulla Johansen
Appearance Aage Schmidt
Appearance Mathilde Nielsen
Appearance Grete Brandes
Appearance Elith Pio
Appearance Osvald Helmuth
Appearance Otto Reinwald
Appearance W. Jordan
Appearance Petr Wied
Appearance Ove Jarne
Appearance Jacoba Jessen
Appearance Ragnhild Sannom
Appearance Thilda Fønss

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